Zoo Day

Today we got to go to the zoo – yay! I hadn’t been in a while because our membership had lapsed. But we finally got the new membership, so we took a field trip. What was totally cool was that we’d been hearing all about the cicadas, but we hadn’t actually seen any yet. The zoo, however, is TEEMING with them. They totally just fly right into you & hang on.

Here’s a clip I took as we walked through the “forest” in the Africa exhibit.

Amazing. They had a new stingray exhibit where you can feel them. They swim by & you can stick your hand in & feel them. It took Steven forever to actually feel one because he couldn’t get his hand far enough out in the tank. But finally, he did it!

Then we went & saw the bears. Henry totally loved the bear he actually saw. He just kept saying “bear, bear, bear” over & over again. We saw the alligator (of course) and then The Living Coast. When we go to the giraffes, this is what we saw sticking up.



This crazy giraffe was just standing there with his tongue hanging out, spinning it around like a propeller. So funny. What was coolest was that, because Steve was there with us, we got to see some exhibits that we’d never seen cuz I couldn’t wrangle all the kids on my own. The coolest one was the Australia exhibit that had bats. Steve has totally always wanted a bat & this was the first time I’d ever really seen them up close. Y’all?? They were COOL.

bats2b.jpg   bats4b.jpg

The one on the bottom? So cool – the bat came down & was creeping along on the floor getting some fruit to eat. He grabbed some lettuce in his mouth & then climbed back up the tree with his little wings. Totally cool. We completely did the zoo. Carousel & everything. But tired.

Hey…did you see what’s new in the store? Check it out.