You TELL those spiders, Ron

Best Harry Potter line ever.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, we’ve met the pox on its turf & we’ve kicked its butt. Yeah. We ROCK. Only 6 weeks to get through our household with every member who hadn’t had it (the 3 kids) having a go at it & winning. I feel like a hermit. I think Steven & Henry are going to have a couple little scars on their faces from it, though. Steven’s got 2 on his forehead between & over his eyebrows. Henry’s gonna have one from that big cuss under his eye.

Ah, Professor Snape. “Well, well. Lu-pin. Out for a little walk in the…moonlight?” God, I love him. So very snarky & nasty. And he can WORK that cape, y’all.

Maggie’s done with 1st grade. Good heavens. How did that happen? She’s out tonight with Dad at a baseball game. She’s been quivering with excitement about this game, but I fear she’s going to be sorely disappointed. If she’s anything like her mother, she’ll be deadly bored. DEADLY. She was so funny – on Friday (her last day), she was all about being glad that school was out & she couldn’t wait for summer, etc. Then she gets home. And pulls out the “summer work” they were given & starts in on it. Then, she plans a summer homeschooling regime for the 2 of us to begin. “We’ll start at 8:30 and go till 3:00 and we’ll do math & reading & Bible study. We can go outside & have recess & then we’ll……..” Dear Lord! Where did THIS come from? Somebody’s a little obsessive….ya think?

I’ve been scrapping like a fiend. I’ve done 36 layouts in a little over a month. THIRTY-SIX. I didn’t do that many in a year before. This is so awesome. I’m doing heritage LOs that I never thought I’d get to, I’m doing stuff from my childhood & the kids. I am beyond happy about this.

Oh well. Time to go to bed. I’m tired. Yet again.