You Cannot Tell Me God Is Not Real

Because my lunch date yesterday proves it. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I got to have lunch with my BFF, Camille, yesterday. She invited me out to talk about blogging and we met at our local Starbucks. No matter how long it’s been between “dates”, when we get together, it’s like we’ve never been apart. We got caught up and she shared with me all about this amazing project she’s involved with. She’s been a worship leader at a local mega-church for over 10 years and now, she and 3 others she’s served with have formed a band called NoBlurr. Soon after they formed, they got involved with community projects like the local food pantry. They recently got contacted by this charity called Soles4Souls. Now NoBlurr and Soles4Souls are working together to raise awareness and bring shoes to people around the world. It’s an amazing project and an unbelievable opportunity to spread the Gospel message. To bring the light of Christ to people around the world with the simple idea of giving shoes to people who don’t have them. How AMAZING is that?? NoBlurr is now doing concerts where the funds and shoes brought by attendees will be added to the shipments made to 125 countries around the world. And my best friend is being used by God to be a part of this. I’m so amazed & excited for her!!

Unfortunately, as so often happens when God marks someone to do His work, Satan is doing his best to mess with it. She just found out that her thyroid is completely dead and that she has a goiter on it that needs to be removed. This is, of course, totally messing with her physically and emotionally, making it difficult for her to have the enthusiam and ability to do what needs to be done for this mission. Since hypothyroidism can be so detrimental to a person’s stability (severe depression, irritability, memory loss, weight gain being some of the symptoms), this has to be addressed and dealt with. I think she just feels terribly overwhelmed with dealing with this surprise health issue and the pressures of embarking on something of this caliber. I remember that before Steve’s dad was diagnosed with dementia, it was discovered that his thyroid was dead and had been for some time, which caused a lot of his problems. I can only imagine the stress & pressure she’s under – on top of being a mom of 2 little girls and a wife.

But, as we’re talking, I’m overcome. I just stopped her and launched into this unexpected thing that I wasn’t prepared for. All of a sudden, I’m unable to stop myself from telling her, “Is God going to give you all this stuff to do for Him and not enable you to do it? Does the God we serve put us in a position to do His work and then sit back to watch us fail? You are in a position to make a difference GLOBALLY with the gifts He’s given you (which are substantial, by the way) and He’s going to be there every step of the way.” And all sorts of stuff like that. I went on for about 5 minutes like this before it all just stopped. I just breathed for a minute and then said, “I don’t know where all that came from….” Honestly, it was like God just decided to talk through me to say what she needed to hear. At least I hope so. I hope I wasn’t just vomiting all over her, but actually encouraging and lifting her up.

I just love this woman. God brought her into my life in 1990 and there’s no friend I’ve known longer. I have acquaintances, but she’s the friend I’ve had the longest. We were estranged for a period of time due to my stubbornness before I found Christ, but God in His mercy brought us back together with forgiveness, love and so much growth. My only regret is that I let the estrangement happen. We missed each other’s weddings because of it, and I wish she’d been there for mine. She’s Aunt Camille to my kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so incredibly proud of her grace, her obedience to God, her talents and abilities. She’s constantly trying to seek God and her walk challenges and edifies me. That’s all. Oh, except for the fact that’s she’s so incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately, the shot I got of her with William is pathetic, but I’m gonna show it anyway.


So…this is one reason why you can’t tell me God ain’t real. Camille is just one of my reasons. Love you, girl!