Y’know what I hate?

Betrayal. And theft. And thieving betrayal. And the inability to own up to what you’ve done when you’re caught red handed. I caught somebody I trusted doing very bad things with my scrapbook kits. Needless to say, I am quite furious. And a little sick. You see – I’m generally a trusting person. I want to believe that the people I know are good people – people who wouldn’t deliberately hurt me or betray me. I want to believe the best about them. But then, somebody pees on my leg & tries to tell me it’s raining. And I go into Jerry Springer trailer park beatdown mode. Where I want to PUNCH something as hard as I can & get all up in somebody’s grill with all sorts of snarkastic poke-you-in-the-chest fronting. Because, really? I’m a very, very nice person. I will totally do stuff for you & share with you & envelope you in my friendly arms (figuratively). Which is why I get SO. INCREDIBLY. MAD. when somebody takes advantage of me. I just had to vent. I’m so peeved and really wish I could take back the past couple of months. That I would listen to my instincts & pay attention to the red flags. Anyway – happy Memorial Day. I’m wicked tired from dealing with all this. Sleep tight.