So….the flu. Yeah. I hadn’t yet told you about how the flu (or something like it) hit us on the way home from our vacation, but it did. Hit William in the car on the way home and Maggie once we’d arrived. Unbelievably, the rest of us seemed to miss it. This last week welcomed the second wave. William again got it first, throwing up on Monday morning and most of that day. The vomiting stopped in the afternoon and the low fever arrived then. That evening welcomed the diarrhea. Kept him home for 3 days. On Thursday morning at 3 am Maggie woke me up to tell me she was throwing up. She continued that every 30-60 minutes until about 7 am and then moved on to stage 2 & 3. She stayed home Thursday and Friday. Thursday night, I got it. It was so weird. I was in the bathroom for about 30 minutes – feeling that I was going to throw up, but not actually getting there. I would have these horrifying low, ominous belches that led nowhere, but the way my stomach felt told me something was quite amiss. Finally it hit and it was EPIC. Like a Monty Python sketch. Like I was losing everything I’d ever eaten ever. But then, that was it. Only that one episode and then exhaustion, headache, muscle aches. I felt so bad, I couldn’t take the kids to school, so everyone stayed home on Friday. Right now I’m feeling better, but it’s amazing how long it takes the body to recover from that. I’m still dehydrated, a little nauseous, headachy and so, so tired. Last night, I slept like a rock and had some incredibly vivid dreams that were like movies.

Anyway. That’s fun. Now for a complete change of thought. Do you have a piece of clothing or an accessory that, when you wear it, you feel…..I don’t know….more? More powerful, maybe? More attractive? Less vulnerable? For me, it’s my cowboy boots. I don’t know what it is about them, but I’ve always had a pair and I always wear them when I have to do something that makes me feel insecure or small. I ALWAYS wear them when I have to attend some event at Maggie’s school – and I always wore them when I went back to see my brother do something there or whenever I’ve gone there since I graduated. I wore them to Craig Ferguson. It’s odd, because I’m not a cowboy or a farmer or a rancher or even a horse rider of any kind. I don’t muck out stalls or work horses or even do any serious physical outside work. But I always have my cowboy boots. I love the sound they make when they hit the concrete or wood floors. I love the slight heel that makes me just a stitch taller. I love the gait they encourage me to use. I love how they look – especially with boot-cut jeans. But most of all, the way I feel when I wear them. I feel more powerful, for sure. I feel tough and confident with just a hint of sexy, but not in an obvious way. I feel like a bit of an butt-kicker, too. I love that I have this thing I can wear that will give me the confidence I might be lacking. I just wonder if others out there have the same thing?