Oh my. I’m so tired. School has begun for everyone but Steven, but his starts on Tuesday. Since William starts at 7:40 am (what the…???), I’m up at 6:45 right now. Starting Tuesday, I’ll be up at probably 6:30 or so. Have I mentioned how much I hate getting up early? Because…yeah.

So far, William loves school. He missed the first day because he got hit hard with allergy symptoms. Totally clogged & sneezing & coughing. Zyrtec liquid is helping him, but he’s not real happy about it. I don’t know where all these allergies came from. I don’t remember having them as a child, but all my kids do. Anyway. School. Will is all about business once we get to the school. He’s totally focused & into it. He has a locker outside the room and a cubby inside and he now knows the routine. Take the folder out of the backpack and put it in the cubby. Put the backpack in the locker, return to the room and wash hands. I think he really likes it. It’s interesting because even though he has 3 siblings, he doesn’t have much experience dealing with peers. He’s not sure how to interact, so he gets tentative which is very different from how he is at home. He’s learned from Henry to hit when things aren’t going the way he wants, so that has to be broken. The first day, he jumped right in, grabbing the mini shopping cart & taking a quick spin around the room to shop. Two and a half hours later, I waited outside the office to pick him up. I must say, I got a bit verklempt when the little guy marched down the hall with his backpack on.

Henry’s first day was also great. He was THRILLED to be back. He began singing about his associate, Lisa, as soon as we turned down the road to his school. He could. Not. Wait. This year, he’s sitting at the table with the other classmates, doing the work they’re doing at the same time. Lisa doesn’t have to separate him to his own table, which is a huge step forward. He’s keeping his hands & feet to himself, answering questions, doing the work & integrating as part of the class. I’m so proud of him. Plus, he’s just so dang cute.

Of course, now he’s sick. He woke up today completely congested, coughing up soup and running a fever. It’s amazing to me how fast he goes downhill. Yesterday he was tired, but fine. Today he’s got a 102 fever and glazed donut face. I took him to urgent care & they gave him a nebulizer treatment & antibiotics, so I’m hoping that will knock this puppy out quickly.

Maggie already had auditions for the first play and got cast in the role she wanted! It’s an unusual show about the Scottish Selkie legend. It’s kind of a weird story filled with inter species rape & imprisonment clothed in ethereal whimsy. It’s an odd choice and I must admit we snarked on it a bit when we read what the plays would be this season. Maggie thinks it’ll be better than we originally thought, though. As long as she enjoys it, that’s all that matters.

Okay. My head hurts and I have endless scrapping to do. Happy Saturday.