You know, no matter how much you’re told something’s going to be hard, you can’t really prepare for it. Everyone told me. Doctors, nurses, friends, family, acquaintances, strangers. “Whoa,” they said. “When you have this done as an adult, it’s really rough. Recovery is going to be really difficult. The pain will be BAD.” I was ready. I believed everyone and planned accordingly. But having not ever been through this, I didn’t really know.

This is really, really bad. I had both my tonsils and my adenoids removed. I was initially given Nucynta for pain, but it did nothing. Seriously, nothing. Now I’m on Hydrocodone. It’s not really nailing the pain, but it is putting me to sleep, so I can at least sleep through my healing. I’m nervous about addiction with it. But I literally cannot swallow without it. I have to stay hydrated and I cannot swallow. I’m still not getting enough liquids, I know. I can tell by my urination. But it hurts so incredibly bad to drink that I can’t do more. It’s killing me.

Everybody said to focus on cold things – ice water, ice cream, popsicles, etc. However, eating these cold things hurts really really bad. Actually, having tea and soup hurts less. I’m still having the cold things because they’re supposed to help keep the blood vessels constricted for less chance of bleeding. But they hurt really, really bad.

So today is Thanksgiving. I can smell what Steve is cooking downstairs, but I can’t eat it. I slept until 2pm today and now I’m ready to go back (it’s 2:56). But I am thankful. That the surgery went well and there were no complications. That, hopefully, this surgery will end my struggle with strep throat. (The doctor said that when he took the tonsils out, they were so full of pus that he pushed on them slightly and they exploded. EW.)

Now I will go back to sleep. Please pray that my need to take this Hydrocodone medication will not result in a problem with dependence. I can’t care for the kids on this, so I cannot need to take it once everybody goes back to work & school. Plus, do I really need to add a prescription drug addiction on top of everything else I deal with? Um….no.

Thanks Happy Giving everyone. Much love and enjoy your dinners!