Just realized I never did the obligatory “we’re home from vacation” post with all the last wrap-up stuff from last week. So, here we are to wrap up.

When we last saw our intrepid travelers, they had made it across the Canadian border back into the U.S. and had stopped somewhere in Northern Minnesota for a potty break. Our heroine had found a quick wireless internet connection & posted the border crossing tale & then wasn’t heard from again. That was at about 1pm or so on Tuesday.

We drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove back through Duluth & the BLUFF OF DOOM back into Wisconsin. Seriously – I couldn’t get a good picture of it (and just spent 20 minutes looking for one here on the web). The road goes all curvy-curvy at what seems about a 45 degree angle, so you’re totally barreling towards the 2nd largest lake in the world like you’re just going to plunge into it. Then you go across the twisty-turny Bong Memorial Bridge (don’t laugh…no, seriously…say it & try not to laugh) to get into Superior, WI.  CREEEEEEPY.

Then, a squillion more miles of driving. From Superior, the next big town is Eau Claire, which we hit at about 7pm or so. Somehow, we got trapped in Eau Claire in some sort of time warpy thing where everybody was hungry, but wanted different things & the signs for restaurants were wrong ad then everybody had to go to the bathroom and then Henry had to eat and then more bathroom trips & then we’re going again only to pull over once more for ANOTHER bathroom visit. And fudge for the last time. Because fudge is something you ONLY get to eat on vacation and then only a little because it costs about $20/pound. More expensive than filet mignon, less expensive than beef jerky. So you get a quarter pound and nibble on it for a week, trying to make it last.

By the time we FINALLY got moving out of Eau Claire towards Madison, it was around 8:30 and Steven started passive-aggressively asking to stop. “Shouldn’t we get a hotel, Daddy?” “We’d better hurry and get a hotel soon!” “Oh, it’s getting almost dark – we need a hotel!” In his mind, we couldn’t drive once it got dark & we’d better be safely ensconced in a room with TV and a bed before the car shuts off at sundown. Unbeknownst to Steven, his father is the reigning National Champion at Driving Ridiculously Long Distances without Stopping. Who drives from Chicago to Orlando without stopping. From Chicago to Providence, RI, sleeps for 5 hours & then drives back. This is a man who wasn’t about to spend another $140 on a hotel room when we were ONLY 5 hours from home. Steve finally tells Steven to be quiet & go to sleep and, thankfully, he did at about 9pm or so. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. Steve is one of those people who can literally sleep ANYWHERE. At his desk? Pshaw. In church? Of course! Standing up in the shower? Sure! I, on the other hand, have much trouble sleeping when the conditions aren’t right. Unless I’m utterly exhausted, I have to be horizontal with a good pillow in order to sleep. And the room can’t be silent – there has to be a fan or some other ambient noise, but not too much. So sleeping in the car is always difficult for me. I attempted sleep, but then Henry would have some comment to make & it would startle me. We kept on & actually made it home just after midnight. He made quite good time, but I honestly thought we would NEVER get out of Wisconsin. Driving home from vacation always takes a lot out of me. It’s all done & you just want to be HOME. NOW. But you just sit in the car for a billion hours. Home, delicious sleep in our own bed. I tell ya, you never appreciate your own bed quite as much as when you return to it. Only eight loads of laundry and I’m done. Quite glad to be home and get back to work, though.

While I was gone, I had to wipe my hard drive AGAIN due to a stupid Trojan virus, so I had to wait till we returned to access the stuff on my EHD so I couldn’t finish my newest kit until then. So I’ve got a new kit, new element pack & new template pack that will debut on Thursday – and I think you’ll really like them!! Actually, here are 2 LOs I did using the new kit! With all the photos, just click on the picture to read the journaling & see the credits!



Then I did this one using one of the new templates:


Okay – that’s all I’ve got. There’s a big, huge fly in our bedroom – the size of a small bird that’s driving me insane. I must kill it now.