Where I share the hell it is to be me.

Most days, I skate through the day, not hating myself too much, but not really acknowledging myself too much, either. Then, there are days like today where I feel confident in my abilities and my awesomeness and I attempt to do something I think I can totally handle. Then the universe explodes. I spent the morning uploading all my new stuff to my store: new kit, 3 new element packs and stuff. Got it all uploaded & prettified. Then, after reading about all sorts of horror stories about scrapbook sites going down due to hacktastic hackers, I decided that I’d better upgrade my ZenCart since I hadn’t done so since I first got it last year. In the interim, there have been like 90574865873478937 updates with all sorts of bug fixes and stuff. I hadn’t upgraded with any of those because I’ve always been a firm believer in “if it ain’t broke, don’t jam a fork in it”. But, reading all the scary, scary tales of woe and seeing that Zen Cart was advertising great security fixes, I decided to suck it up & do it. So, I threw caution to the wind, and uploaded the new files. And promptly stopped the earth from rotating on its axis. Apparently. Because it totally screwed EVERYTHING up. Nothing works, I’m getting errors I can’t figure out and I’m in tears. If I have to reinstall the whole kit & kaboodle, I’m going to take a hostage. I wouldn’t even mind the recreating all the categories and products, but it’s my customer database. LIke 700 people whose information I can’t recreate. You’d think after crap like this happens over & over again, I’d know better than to try to do anything by myself. Because obviously I can’t do anything without totally ruining everything. I do much hate being me sometimes.