What Even Is Happening…

glitch-in-the-matrix-catsWhat a crummy summer. We ended up doing nothing fun because of my stupid knee.

I got my surgery, so hopefully it will improve. The surgery went well. But since the surgery – well, it’s just weird. Yes, it still hurts, but it’s only been 12 days. But immediately after the surgery my calf muscle just locked up. You know that horrible pain you get when you have a Charlie horse? Then afterwards, how the muscle sits there like a tight, angry fist in your leg? Yeah. It was like that for …. well, actually it’s just now feeling better. Next was the horrible gastrointestinal holocaust. Now I don’t know if I caught some virus or if the IV antibiotics they gave me completely killed every bacteria in my intestines, but I got hit with Biblical-level diarrhea. For over 24 hours. Sharp & cutting, boiling hot and violent as hell. I actually sat there crying & trying not to scream. It’s better, but there’s still something not right. I’m eating bananas & yogurt, taking probiotics and it’s still kind of weak. Plus I’m dehydrated. Yesterday I drank 2 liters of coconut water and 2 liters of Bai water and still have dehydration symptoms.

Speaking of which, something else weird has happened since my surgery. I don’t know if it’s the dehydration or the anesthesia, but I haven’t felt right since then. I feel disoriented. Disjointed. Like I’m not myself. As if all of me went under the anesthesia, but only part of me came back. I can almost feel a glitch in the Matrix. Like I’m going to turn around and see myself behind me. It’s crazy weird. I just wanna feel like myself again.

Everybody’s back in school. Maggie went back on the 10th. Early because she was starting rehearsals for the musical she’s in at Bradley. It’s called “Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play“. I believe she plays Colleen – not 100% sure, though. She lived in the dorm for 4 days before she was allowed to move into her sorority house. She’s got that show and recruitment and classes – super busy. Steven started his sophomore year and he likes it so far. Honors Chem, Grammar/Comp, & Algebra 2 as well as Driver’s Ed, World History, Graphic Occupations, & German. Seems to be a very full schedule. I think he can handle it.

Henry is in 7th grade. What the blazes?? He’s quite happy to be back at school. He loves it there. He’s a rock star, everyone loves him, and he knows it. William’s started 2nd grade. He’s got a new teacher and I’ve got my fingers crossed that this year will start turning around for him. In this new class, he’s one of the older kids, so I think it might be good for him. I’ve been telling him that it’s important that he set a good example for the younger kids & help guide them in how things work. He seems to take pride in that idea.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from 1st day of school. Because that’s what I do.

William is PSYCHED!

William is PSYCHED!

Henry posing with Ms. Hong while singing "Something's Got a Hold on Me"

Henry posing with Ms. Hong while singing “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”

Saying hi to the PE teachers

Saying hi to the PE teachers

Walking into school. Can't believe he's a 7th grader!

Walking into school. Can’t believe he’s a 7th grader!