What a difference…

…a day can make! Things have gotten so much better today & I feel way better.
I’ve been trying to go into the nursery for every feeding. They started feeding him last night through an NSG(?) tube that goes in through his nose & down to his stomach. He was off the oxygen when I went in at 9 am & by 2 pm they’d removed his IV.
I was thrilled at 9 am when the nurse told me I could hold him & have some skin to skin time. We tucked him up in my shirt & he snuggled right in, his cheek right on my chest. His respiration calmed right down & he fell asleep, happy as a clam. We stayed like that for 1.5 hours, until I had to go back & pump and grab a nap.
After a nap & lunch, I went back & had more snuggle together. Stayed for 2 full hours that time. We tried some nursing, but he wasn’t interested.
Back to the room for more pumping & dinner. Then back to the nursery for 6 pm feed. THIS time, dude was awake & actually was rooting around! He totally perked up when he heard my voice, too. We decided to give it a go & he latched right on, nursing like a champ. When he’d finished on side one, Steve showed up with Maggie & Steven so they could see Will. I held him up at the window & Steven did his patented face when he’s overwhelmed with happiness & can barely deal with the emotion, so he tries to supress it. I set Will in the bassinet & went to talk to them for a minute. Through the window, we watched Will looking around to see where I’d gone & moving his mouth around to find something to latch onto. Loved up on the other 2, went back in & nursed him on the other side until they kicked me out for shift change @ 7.
Since then, I’m playing zoo tycoon & writing this post. I’m going back in about 20 minutes for another feed & then some sleep. I’m actually going to beg off the nighttime feeds tonight since it’s my last time to really get some rest. I get discharged tomorrow & it looks like Will can come home Sunday. I’m both excited & terrified for Henry to meet Will. After having disappeared for 3 days, then bringing this baby home, he’s gonna be all, “What in the WORLD is this??? WHAT have you done, woman???” Oughta be interesting, to say the least.
I leave you with some poorly executed pictures taken with my iPhone (can I possibly express how thankful I am for it, since there’s no wi-fi & this is the only way I can Tweet, Facebook & update my blog?) in my one- handed attempt to get shots for y’all to see. Talk to you soon!