What a Day

Today couldn’t have gone any better. Seriously. I cannot believe how beautiful this shower was. I decided to go all out for my bestest friend and make it very fancy. I pulled out my MIL’s punch bowl and glasses (she had over 30 glasses!), my china that looks like my great-grandmother’s, my special china tea set for the coffee. My mom (who rocks beyond any comprehension) got the food catered from this restaurant in her town that they frequent. Totally delicious.

So here’s what the table looked like:


Oh, the tablecloth was my MIL’s as well. Unbelievable re-embroidered lace work on this thing. So we had about 17 ladies and we all dug into the delicious food. Yummy finger sandwiches, roll-ups, fruit & cheese, shrimp, deviled eggs, salads and this amazing banana punch that Lisa made. Which…yum.

Then there were presents. I must say, I’m very proud of the gift I thought of. I gave her 3 of my Dream Dinners meals and this coupon I made:  I cannot WAIT to do this for her. She & I are so much alike & I think this will really bless her. Just to get things in order before the baby comes so she can feel more secure and relaxed in her home. I TOTALLY know what it’s like to just not want to be home because everything’s disorganized and a mess and you just don’t know even where to START to get it in order. It all seems just way too overwhelming and therefore you end up doing nothing. It’s a very destructive cycle that succeeds in making you feel completely lousy about yourself. And she deserves to start feeling good about herself.

We just finished watching The Ringer. This was one I was kind of hesitant about. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be insulting & hurtful to the differently-abled community or not. But I seemed to remember a lot of groups supporting it, so I gave it a try. A few to many “retards” and “feebs” at the beginning, but by the end I was amazed. Near the end, one of the actors with Down Syndrome does a scene from Romeo & Juliet and Steve just starts SOBBING. I think he was projecting in the future of possibly going to see our Henry acting in a play & it was just too much for him. I think if that happens, Steve’s bodily functions will just shut down with pride & joy and he’ll become a big wad of snot and tears in the corner somewhere.