Weekend Work

What a weekend already. Filled with busy, of course, just like everyone else’s, I’m sure. Friday, we got hit with some vicious and horrifying storms. My parents were over for dinner and we watched as one of the most intense storms I’ve ever seen passed through. It honestly looked like what you see when the Weather Channel reports from a hurricane. The rain was coming down sideways, the trees were whipping around like nothing I’ve ever seen and the road in front of our house became a curb to curb river. Literally. There was even white-water and the water went up almost 1/2 up cars’ tires, creating an actual wake. Our house is situated higher up than other houses around us, but I went downstairs this morning to discover the laundry room, basement bathroom and storage room had flooding. I don’t think it was too bad, but the carpeting in the hall outside all 3 rooms was pretty soaked and squishy. So now I’m behind on the regular laundry (again!) because I have to wash all the throw rugs that are downstairs. And the towels I used to sop. I won’t complain, though, because I’m betting we got hit on a far lesser scale than houses around us.

Anyway, in the middle of our dinner, the power went out. It was about 6:30, so it was still pretty light out, but it got majorly humid and swampy in the house pretty quickly. We played with bubbles for a while and then went up to the bedroom to read by the light of our Coleman lanterns and candles. For about 3 hours. Then I was crazy uncomfortalbe from the heat and we gave up on the power getting back on before bedtime. I put Henry to bed and let Steven sleep with me. And, of course, as soon as we began to drift off (amid the really annoying chorus of frogs outside & the occasional person outside shouting), the power came back on. Every light came on, so Steven and I wandered through the house, turning everything off. And, praise the Lord, the fans became usable again.

As far as getting stuff done, I’ve started getting ready for William’s arrival. I got the co-sleeper set up and bought a cheap baby supply cart to keep in my bedroom with clothes, diapers, blankets, crib sheets, etc. I got all the 0-3 months clothes washed, folded and put away. Had to move some of the furniture around a little, too. Here’s what it looks like!


It’s an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Mini in Toffee & Cream. The crib sheet was custom made by CradleandAll on etsy.com. She made me 4 sheets that fit the Mini perfectly! The elephant blanket is from Target. The bear is the Mommy Melodies bear from Target that plays womb sounds, lullabies or nature sounds. And the mobile is the Kidsline Mod Elephant Mobile. I don’t know if I’m going to keep it there or not, but it’s good for now.


On top is a little portable diaper change basket that I can take downstairs with me. Shirts/pants outifts & rompers on the left shelf, gowns on the right shelf, blankets on the bottom left and sheets on the bottom right. Diapers in the pack on the right side. Socks, booties & wipes on the very top with the Safety 1st grooming & health care kit. It’ll be so nice to have everything right here, rather than having to go into the boys’ room or send the kids on errands for me. I hope William likes it!

Next on the list is putting together the PackNPlay for use on the 1st floor. Then the car seat and double stroller. And the soother/swing. It’s getting close!

Time to get the kids in bed. Happy Father’s Day to one and all!