Because that’s what day it is. My flu seems to be abating. However, I’ve got this problem lately with mild migraines. I know they’re not as bad as the migraines suffered by many out there who have to lie in a lightless, soundless room with ice packs & stuff. But they have the migraine feel to them. Light bothers me, noise bothers me. But I’m not incapacitated. Just in pain & exhausted and wanting morphine.

Do any of you have children who are singularly obsessed? I know I’ve mentioned Steven’s recent crocodile obsession, but I truly am perplexed by it. No matter what we’re talking about, watching, listening to or doing, he finds a way to work crocodiles into it. He’s forever asking me to go to “” or “” or “” or some such thing. No matter how I try to explain that these do not exist, he won’t have it. He just wants to sit at the computer, looking at pictures of crocodiles (and the occasional octopus or shark) and adding toy crocs to his imaginary “wish list”. He’s constantly growling at us, snapping and crossing the floor like a croc. It’s disconcerting and beginning to be annoying.

So, we’ve moved into the next phase of our lives. Steve closed down his law office last week & has begun student teaching. I was a bit worried because both Monday & Tuesday he came home in a really vile mood. However, tonight he came home feeling really good about his choice & about what he’s doing. He helped coach some members of the speech team after school today & he really felt good about it. He’s student teaching at the school he’d like to be employed by, so we’re hoping that he’ll make a good impression and maybe even get a job offer!