Wednesday? Already??

Everything’s going too fast right now. Mostly because I’m going too slow. It has been a miserable 5 days for me. Steve brought home some horrifying respiratory thing last Thursday (missed school Thursday & Friday) and, even though I thought I was steering clear enough, I woke up with it on Saturday. By Sunday morning, I had a fever of 101.5, horrible, wet, racking cough, blistering headache, and was very dizzy. I knew I was sick even before I woke up. Do you know how? I DREAMT that I had to get to the doctor RIGHT NOW and was trying to hurry up and drop people off at their houses so I could drive to the doctor. Even my subconscious knew I was quite sickly.

I woke up, grabbed a quick shower, got dressed & dried my hair. Told Steve that I was going to the urgent care and he had to take care of Henry who wasn’t out of bed yet. Since I couldn’t find a thermometer, I didn’t know I had a fever – just that I was cold and every time I tried to walk, I’d get totally dizzy. Got to the urgent care just in time – 5 other families came in in the 5 minutes after I did. I had to actually stop walking a few times to close my eyes and get my bearings. I couldn’t even watch the TV because it made me more ill.

Doctor came in, kept calling me “honey” (what??), and was quite concerned. Apparently, my cough was quite alarming. And, being 16 weeks pregnant, there isn’t a whole lot they can safely give me to take care of stuff. Imagine my surprise when I learned that while OTC cough syrup isn’t recommended, VICODIN is okay for a couple days. I had no intention of taking the Vicodin, but by the time I got home I was hurting so much between the actual coughing and the headache that blossomed after each cough that I took one.

Anyway – quite sick. He told me I had a fever, which I didn’t know. Explained waking up drenched in sweat and then starting to shiver uncontrollably. After I got out of there, I went to Walgreen’s to get my meds and, of course, every person who has never had a prescription before was there. People who seemed to have no idea how the whole prescription-filling THING works, so they had to ask questions about everything. No, dude. You cannot just GET 60 days worth of your meds. Your refill is for 30 days. That’s all. They won’t just GIVE you more. Stop questioning them. Get out of my way or I will cough my cough of deadly doom on the back of your neck.

Back home, I took my meds and promptly fell asleep for 4 hours. Yay. Still feverish, though it peaked at 101.5. Went back to sleep at 9pm and slept pretty well. Now it’s Wednesday. I’m STILL coughing like I’m in a demon-induced coughing competition. Sleep is elusive because, inevitably, I start to fall asleep and I awake violently with a cough that has me doubled over and needing to change my pjs. This STINKS. I can’t continue functioning with a cough this severe and nothing is helping anymore. Hot tea, cold fruit, Ricola, Tylenol, asthma inhaler -  nothing. And I do NOT want to take any more of the Vicodin. That’s all I need – a prescription drug addiction. Rock ON. And now Henry’s got the cough, so we’ll be off to the doctor on Friday morning. This simply HAS TO STOP.

I did a new kit specifically for a LO I wanted to do. It’s in the store at NDISB now. It’s called Prepster and I really like it.