Waiting for the “lamb” part.

Y’know…in like a lion, out like a? Waiting for it.

Can I just say that the movie Slipstream is the stupidest, making-no-sense film I’ve ever seen. Steve rented it & the entire movie simply made me ANGRY because it made no sense at all. I couldn’t follow any of it and it just made me angry as the blazes. I know it’s probably some sort of tour-de-force or considered “brilliant” or some such malarky, but really? Can we just NOT make movies that can’t be made sense of? Please? Seems like a ridiculous waste of money. If you have to watch the behind the scenes footage or listen to the DVD commentary to understand what on earth just happened, you probably didn’t CONVEY YOUR STORY WELL. Just my opinion. There’s 2 hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

I had an absolutely lovely visit with my friend Camille on Thursday. I hadn’t seen her since, well, like August or something, even though she lives ONE TOWN OVER FROM ME. Because I am a lame friend. She had a baby in November (who is the preciousest piece of baby in baby land) who is now 4 months old and whom I had never met. She brought the new baby and her 5 year old, Mackenzie, over to play. Imagine my surprise and delight to discover that on of her 5 year old’s big interest is…….squids. Have you ever even HEARD of a 5 year old girl who likes squids? Yeah, me neither. When Steven heard this, he came alive. He pulled out his stuffed giant squid, all his squid books, his Kraken and every other little squid he owns. Mackenzie thought it was AWESOME. Steven couldn’t believe it. He had just said that he wished there was someone who was interested in him – and there she was. They played races, squids & dolphins, Star Wars as well as Polly Pockets. I couldn’t believe it. It is entirely possible that God is marking this wonderful, polite, well-mannered, amazing little girl for my Steven. And I couldn’t ask for better in laws. (Hey, girl!!)

Camille and I had a hoot watching the videotape of the show we did together when we first met. It was EIGHTEEN years ago (no, it wasn’t. you can’t convince me it was) and we were very, very different females. It was hysterical to look back and remember what we considered to be important back then and the completely ridiculous & stupid things we did. And how very far God has brought us. It’s, at the same time, humbling and eye-opening. God totally brought both of us out of pretty darn self-destructive, self-obsessed, selfish, & foolish world-views and have blessed us with very, very much. He’s been terrifically faithful through our bratty tantrums, our inability to see past ourselves and our refusal to be obedient. It’s truly amazing to see that. I might have looked pretty hot, physically, back then, but I was nothing more than a hot, hot mess. It’s breathtaking how much beauty God can bring out of a hot mess.

I’m embarking on the Week of Many Appointments. Tomorrow is Henry’s behavioral optometrist and  Steve’s doctor. Tuesday is Henry’s feeding therapy. Wednesday is Nika’s vet appointment and new occupation therapy in the afternoon. It’s going to be tiring. I really dislike going to doctor’s appointments.

And, finally, want to see the new kit I mentioned last time? I think it might be done now. I’ll be interested to see if anyone’s interested in a kit that’s more macabre and dark like this one. Take a peek: