Sick. Can you believe this? I’m sick again. Some sort of something with a fever between 100-101, difficulty breathing deeply, headache and dizziness. I woke up middle of the night last night SHIVERING and chattering my teeth. I changed to warmer pajamas and put the comforter on the bed. Woke up in the morning literally drenched in sweat. Like a cup of water had been poured on me. I had to change the sheets, it was so icky.

I think this is whatever William has had for the past week or 2. I was doing fine, but I got a really intense therapeutic massage on Wednesday. Like really intense. On Thursday I was in so much pain I couldn’t get in the car, or sit, or climb stairs or breathe. Seriously. That got better and then I woke up Friday with a fever. Low grade – like 99 or so. It’s been getting higher at a slow rate and I’m hoping it’s better tomorrow. I do not want to go back to the doctor. So sick of it. But when your eyeballs feel hot, something’s amiss, am I right?

I spent Saturday & today just sitting in a recliner while alternating playing Cityville with watching Hulu as I crocheted. My family did a good job stepping up to help me, but htat all ends tomorrow. I have to be better. Have. To.