Tomorrow, my baby turns two. How the bloody blazes did that happen?

This was today. Sitting in a bucket with 2 shovels. Has to have something in each hand.

It’s been an interesting 2 years. Most people would think it would be wicked hard to add another child six years after the last. Normally, I’d agree, but in our case, Henry is so much like a 3-4 year old, I wasn’t that far gone from babyhood when William came along. But I will say that having four kids has been even harder than I thought it would be. Juggling the needs & wants of 4 kids who are in such different stages really drains me. However, I really love our family with William in it. Seeing Maggie and Steven develop relationship with him and deepen their love for him has been wonderful. Seeing Henry learn to interact with someone new and trying to teach him that others have needs has been challenging to say the least. But they are finally starting to interact like brothers. It’s slow and has lots of speed bumps, but it’s happening. Unfortunately, the strongest lesson Henry has taught William is to always be on his guard. Anyone walking past you could randomly clock you in the head or push you over or steal your pacifier, so pay attention.

William has become very verbal, which is mostly good. Unfortunately, he’s also become incredibly clingy. He can’t seem to go more than 10 minutes without having to know where I am and make some sort of physical contact. Usually while chanting “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!” loudly and irritatingly until I want to jam a screwdriver in my ears. He doesn’t want me to leave the room and God forbid I should need to go somewhere without him. Tonight, for example, Steve stayed here with William & Henry while I ran to Home Depot to buy the laminate flooring for Maggie’s room. Steve told me that William cried the entire time. He screamed & cried himself to sleep then woke up and did it again. As soon as I was home, he was fine. Total Momma’s Boy, this one.

He’s also totally goofy and weird, which makes him fit perfectly in our family. His favorite TV show is The Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He dances when the theme song plays, does an imitation of Geoff Peterson, the robot skeleton sidekick, and asks for the show by pointing to the TiVo ‘Now Playing’ list and saying, “Balls”. Oh, and now he says “pants” for “in your pants”. We are the worst parents ever.

Being weird in an earflap hat. He LOVES hats.

William loves Thomas the Tank Engine, Yo Gabba Gabba, Blue’s Clues and Weird Al’s polka numbers. He’ll eat nearly anything, but really loves cheese, yogurt, bananas, chicken nuggets and stealing my Diet Coke. He loves drawing. He’ll take a pencil or crayon and draw in really detailed, small and meticulous designs. His preferred medium is “wall”, but he will use paper if forced. I’m interested to see how that develops because I’ve never seen a kid this small with such incredible fine motor control. He also resembles a cat in that he loves getting in places – boxes, buckets, bins, baskets – and folding himself up all cozy.


So, anyway, he’s two tomorrow. Insane & wonderful.













In other news…..I’ve been working on Maggie’s room. I’m doing the painting, which is why we have to replace the carpet. She had all sorts of ideas and I’m doing my best to make them realities. She wanted a wall of chalkboard paint, a wall of polka dots, a wall of stripes and a solid wall. I did one big wall & an entrance wall (where the light switch is) in black chalkboard paint. Did the closet wall & doorway in solid turquoise. I’m about 3/4 done with the dotted wall. Then the final wall will have thick, diagonal stripes. here’s how it looks thus far:

It’ll be 2 weeks till the floor can be done, so this project is near standstill. I’ve got 1-2 more days of painting before that’s done.

The biggest news is that the KITCHEN IS DONE!!! I cannot fully express my joy. It’s gorgeous, functional and somehow bigger. I haven’t taken pictures yet because I started m oving stuff back in and now it’s all in disarray, so I want to wait till it’s organized. I will post pictures, I promise.

Finally, in the “….the HELL?” spot in the blog post, this morning I was rudely awakened by Steven who informed me that Henry has pooped “everywhere”. I got up, certain this was an exaggeration, but knowing that any poop would be a problem. I should have stayed in bed, y’all. I walked out of my room and was greeted by this:

See it there on the left? Of course you do. Every. Single. Step. Didn’t miss a one. I went down to where he was and just about vomited on him. The smell. My GOD, the smell. I brought him upstairs to try to clean him up. Unfortunately, it was a bathtub job. I hate when this happens because there’s no good way to handle it. You can’t put him in a bath, because then he’s steeping in a big poo soup. If I shower him, he freaks out – hating the water hitting him like that. So I have to run the bath faucet and use a big cup to try to rinse the poo off him. Throwing it at him to use force to remove the poo. We finished that up and went to get dressed. There was poo all over the changing table, so I dressed him on the bed. And saw more poo on Steven’s bed, sheets and rug. I had to take him to therapy, so when I got back, I surveyed the situation. After being punched in the face by the smell upon entering, I knew there was more somewhere. I cleaned off his favorite chair in the family room. Seemed okay. Got out the cleaning wipes to begin work on the stairs. That didn’t do so well. Got a lot of it, but still stained. I mixed up some Oxyclean to try to take care of it, but that didn’t work too well, either. There’s just nothing better than having obvious poo stains around your house, you know?

I thought I had found it all. Went out to pick up my fixed phone (yay!) and returned. Yes, it still smelled. Henry came over to eat and I saw there was more poo on him, but he hadn’t gone again. When I mentioned it, Steven pointed me to the living room furniture. Where Henry had smeared his feces on each and every seat. By now it was dry, so I had to sit there, scrubbing and scrubbing to try to get it off. Then I saw more on the new rug we bought for the living room. I lost it then. AUGH!!!!! I hate poo!!! I’m so sick & tired of dealing with other people’s excrement – it’s been over 13 years now that I have dealt with it. Unstopping & constantly. I am so done with it. Everybody needs to man up and take care of their own bowels. Hear that, William & Henry?? The toilet paper’s in the cupboard. Figure it out.