TV Addict

What’s your favorite new TV show? I am so, so overwhelmed by too many shows I want to watch. Thank God for Hulu Plus & Netflix (and, occasionally, Amazon Instant Video). We canceled our cable service a while back, so everything I watch is either available next day on Hulu, the previous season on Netflix or, if my immediate gratification kicks in, on Amazon. Here’s what I’m into right now:

imagesSunday night: The Walking Dead. So far, I haven’t been able to wait, so I’ve seen the first episode for free on, but had to pay for episode 2. I’m probably going to have to buy the season. I wish I was a person who could just wait. So far, this season is a whole lot of “OHMYGODOHMYGOD” I’m totally freaked by the turn it’s taken, but it’s going to be awesome. And Rick needs a big, big hug.


downloadMonday night: The Blacklist. Dang. This is probably my new favorite show. It’s pretty well written and, James Spader. I realized recently that James Spader is an actor I’ve had a crush on for a long time (since Pretty in Pink, I think), but I haven’t wanted to admit it. He always plays one of those guys who would be just TERRIBLE for you, but there’s something about him that attracts the very damaged girl inside me. I LOVE him in this. Smooth, suave, brilliant, psychopathic, snarky. Oh, and my other favorite actor on this is Parminder Nagra. You might recognize her from ER or Bend it Like Beckham. I think she’s stunning, intelligent, strong & unexpected. And she plays a bad ass.

download (1)Sleepy Hollow. Another really good show. Ichabod Crane gets witchcrafted ahead 200 years and lands in modern-day Sleepy Hollow where the Headless Horseman has been released as the 1st Horseman of the Apocolypse. He and a modern-day detective (beautifully played by Nichole Beharie) discover they’re the 2 witnesses referenced in Revelation and have to try to stop the release of the other horsemen. Oh, and Tom Mison‘s accent is knee-weakening.

o-SUPERNATURAL-SEASON-9-570Tuesday night: Supernatural. Yeah, I became one of these. I did a major bender watching all 8 seasons a while back and then rewatching them again before the season 9 premiere. I love this show so much. Though not because I find the “Js” attractive. Because I really like the storylines, I love that they combine serious business with meta irreverence about what they’re doing. I think Jensen Ackles is hysterical, Misha Collins‘ Castiel is awesome and I just love all the other demons/angels that pop in. Crowley, Lucifer, Balthazar, Death, Abaddon, Alastair, Trickster. They all bring in so much awesome.


american-horror-story-coven-2Wednesday night: American Horror Story: Coven. Yeah. I know. But it’s SO. GOOD. This is another one I can’t wait for, so I’ve been buying each episode on Amazon on Thursday morning. I’ve watched the 1st 2 seasons and I’m just hooked. I mean, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett in the same scenes?? Holy schnikeys. And Patti LuPone is supposed to join at some point. I honestly don’t know if that much awesome will fit on one screen, but I’m willing to find out.

Thursday night: There’s nothing I must see. I will watch Parks & Rec, though.

Grimm_Season_3_PosterFriday night: Grimm. I worked through the 1st 2 seasons and I think I like it a lot. I love the premise a lot. The acting is above average, the writing is average, but the stories are cool. I really like Monroe & Rosalee & their relationship (plus, a Fuchsbau is BEAUTIFUL) and Captain Renard grew on me. Sometimes I really like Nick and sometimes I don’t at all. But I’ll keep watching it.



once-upon-a-time-season-3-spoilers-leadAnd, nothing on Saturday night. I’m also catching up on Once Upon a Time. Again – the acting and writing is often trite, cliched and just plain laughable, but I love the premise. I love seeing the different interpretations of such well-known characters. Regina is pretty cool & Rumplestiltskin is awesome. Oh, and Grumpy makes me smile.  I’m halfway through season 2 right now and I want to finish it before I start season 3 or the new Wonderland spin off.