Trying to get back in a routine

We’re still only about halfway in the house, but it’s starting to feel home-ish. It helps that the master bedroom is feeling so amazing. It’s so big – it’s truly incredible to me to be able to sit on the floor & play with the kids in my bedroom. I could hardly even walk from the door to my side of the bed without injuring myself in the old house, so this is freaking me out.

We got our new washing machine yesterday. Add us to the list of eco-friendly households now. It’s an Energy Star front-loading appliance, so I’m doing my part to be more greenish. Plus, it works. So that’s good.

For those of you who’ve been around Motherhood…Unscripted for a while are already aware of my love/hate (without the love part) relationship with inflatable lawn ornaments. I realized the other day that we’ve entered into what’s, in my opinion, the most loathsome time of year. That’s right, folks, inflatable season is upon us. The last quarter of the year when everybody decides that nothing would be more attractive & create more curb appeal than to place seasonal inflatable eyesores on their lawns. Inflatable snowglobes filled with the demons of hell and creepy possessed trees, Pooh & Tigger dressed up in Halloween costumes, blow-up archways with glowing eyes. It’s so festive. Especially when they lose their air. Flapping obscenely in the cold October wind. Ew.

Steve & I decided we’re commissioning 2 inflatable lawn decorations for our new home. The first will be the Holy Family riding a Jet Ski. Mary cuddling the newborn baby Jesus, Joseph behind the controls & an “I Love The Dells” sticker on the back end. It’ll play “Silent Night” really, really loud. The second will be saved for Easter. It’s gonna be phenomenal. A 20 foot tall inflatable recreation of the crucifixion. As depicted in “The Passion of the Christ”. Complete with realistic blood, thieves flanking Him, Roman soliders piercing His side, all of it. I’m gonna take a screen shot from Mel Gibson’s masterpiece & have it made in full inflatable glory. Because if I have to look at the monstrosities I’m seeing to celebrate Halloween & Christmas, somebody’s gonna have to look at what my Savior did for us. In blow-up form.

PS: We have Showtime now. Which means I got to see Brotherhood at its regularly scheduled time. Jason Isaacs’ character posed as a cable guy to break into some guy’s house. Which made me think, “Why wasn’t THAT my cable guy??” Sheesh. :sigh: