Treasure Uncovered!

Y’all, my mother has uncovered a TREASURE. See, she was digging through a bunch of stuff in her basement trying to find some pictures for a collage she wants to make. She came across some of my grandmother’s stuff that she kept after my grandmother died. She hadn’t really gone through any of it, but thought she’d look and see if there were photos in there. She came across these journals of my grandma’s that she didn’t know about. One was written over a series of years – filled with thoughts, prayers, memories. It also had memories I and my cousins wrote about the home she & my grandfather built in Wisconsin. There also was a second journal she wrote in the months before my grandfather died. I’m just giddy with excitement about this. I now have an idea for a project I simply have to do. It’s all just totally amazing to me. What a treasure! How many people get to have a find like that?

What would you do if you came across something like that? I’d love to know other people’s thoughts.