Today was…

…boring. Which normally would annoy me to no end, but after last week, I am embracing boring with both arms tightly squeezing around it. Because “boring” means I didn’t somehow injure the car. “Boring” means I didn’t waste half a tank of gas driving aimlessly around the Chicago suburbs. “Boring” means I finished a kit so I have something to sell on Friday.

However, I do have something to vent about. We had Maggie’s birthday party on Saturday. She invited 9 girls from her class and her cousin who came down with my parents. Of those 9 girls, 2 called to RSVP – one to say she would be there and one to say she’d try to be there but was coming back from camp that day & may not make it. So we planned for a total of 7 girls – buying goodie bags ($1 Spot at Target kicked BUTT on this for me) and food and making the cake, etc. The only thing I didn’t do was plan games because I was so swamped last week that I simply couldn’t force myself. So party day comes. Noon – the appointed “Party Start” time came and my parents, Maggie’s cousin and one friend from school arrived. So we waited. And waited. When 12:30 rolled around, I gave in & we ate the 200 tons of food we had bought, thinking we would have 7 little girls, two little boys, and 6 adults to feed. Did I mention we bought too much food? Yeah. We had 3 little girls, 1 little boy and 4 adults. And, literally, enough food for a party of 12-15 grownups. Plus party favors for 7 little girls. We finished eating, opened presents (Maggie got some of the American Girl stuff she’d asked for – including “Molly”) and served cake. And then marvelled that it was only 1:30. The party went till 3. I was EXHAUSTED. Literally having trouble forming sentences, holding my head up and not just excusing myself for a nap in the middle of all of it. Plus? I was really, really peeved. How do 9 little girls get invitations to a party and only 2 have the courtesy to RSVP (even though I gave THREE RSVP options) and then 7 little girls just DON’T SHOW UP. I still cannot tell if Maggie was really hurt by it or not. She had a great game face on and was pleased to play with her cousin & her friend and by her gifts – but she knew that a bunch of girls didn’t show up. I was blown away by the rudeness. How do you NOT CALL? Grr.

When my parents came down, they brought a bunch of hosta they’d dug up from their old house. I think it was like 10 5-gallon pots, each with like 3 hosta in them. I got them in the ground today since it stopped raining long enough for me to do it. A bunch around our big tree and then filled in under & around the birch tree by the house with the rest. One of the hosta has moved from my grandparents’ home in Wisconsin to my mother’s home and now to mine. I think that’s really cool. Generational hosta, y’all. That’s one plant that’s going with me when I move. And, finally, here’s a preview of the final Conservatory kit that will be released on Friday. The Pinks. I LOVE it.