To the lady at Target…

You have no idea how your simple, unsolicited kind words made me day. In fact, your one sentence has made me smile for 3 days now. See, on Wednesday, I went to Target in the morning to buy towels. Anyway, I’m walking into the store with Henry and he’s fussing because he doesn’t want to go in a store. So I’m talking with him as I’m putting him in the cart. He’s fighting me & scratching me & when I get him seated, I say, “Should we sing a song?” And Henry smiles & says, “song”. So I start singing “The Ants Go Marching” – but replacing “ants” with “cats” and “hurrah” with “meow”. And we walk into the store quietly singing this. While I was putting him in the cart, some people passed me entering the store. I get into the store, into the clothing section and one of the women who had passed us steps out of the clothing racks, smiles at us and says, “You are a really good mom.”

That simple & kind sentence changed my outlook for the whole day. Because I normally feel like the opposite of a good mom. Because of the yelling. But she stepped out & shared a kind word with a stranger & it changed my view of myself. Even for a small moment, that’s a huge, huge deal. So, thank you, kind stranger at Target. I’m sure it meant very little to you, but your encouragement meant the world to me.