Another day, another bout of crazy. My life has become one big carpool and I’m already sick to death of it.

At least twice a week, I’m making 4 trips to Crystal Lake per day. It is driving me insane and raping my wallet. I went through an entire tank of gas in 4 days. By yesterday evening, I was depressed, exhausted and feeling like giving up completely. I know it’s the best school for Steven and I’m willing to do whatever is best for the kids, but this is HARD, yo.

After many years of trying to find Steven an activity he likes and can fit into, he’s decided on Cub Scouts. I actually think it’s going to be really good for him. However, he decided to join the pack associated with his school because there are boys from his class in the pack and he wants to develop friendships with them. However, it means driving back to Crystal Lake in the evening. And, since Maggie’s doing her first high school play with rehearsals on some evenings and Steve is in his own play that rehearses 2 evenings a week, I now have to figure out how to get Steven over there for his meetings while having Henry & William in tow. I’m sure it’ll be fine & Henry won’t do anything to disrupt the pack meetings at ALL. Oh, plus getting him involved used up all my budget for the next week. Hopefully I won’t run out of gas or need food.

Some other things in my head: There’s this dilapidated property between our town and the next that we drive by at least a couple of times per week. It looks like it used to be a farm or some other sort of rural operation with an old barn, a large animal-housing facility (it looks like – I don’t know for sure), and other various outbuildings. All these buildings are in horrible shape with crumbling facades, torn-up roofs with foliage growing out of them, tons of rust and rotting wood. But, apparently, someone lives there and tries to sell things there. Like vegetables, golf carts, hay bales and other random, unrelated items. They have one of those signs out by the road with the letters that attach and you can advertise things. They also have hand-painted signs to advertise other things. Tomatoes, corn, etc. There’s always some instruction on the sign as well. Sometimes on a hand-painted sign, sometimes on the lettered commercial sign. The instructions state: “Come to shed”. Everytime I drive by and see these signs advertising weird things for sale in an unidentified “shed” on what looks like an abandoned farm, I just think, “Leatherface will be right with you”. It looks exactly like the first 15 minutes of any number of horror movies, from “The Hills Have Eyes” to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and I cannot believe that anyone stops there, ever, for any reason. The place and the signs are almost literally made of red flags waving crazily.

Dear Imbecile Spray-Painting Crude Phalluses on Signs Around Our Town: You are an idiot. Your hysterical and cutting-edge sense of humor and your amazing artistry are matched only by your douchebaggery. No one in this day and age is shocked by badly drawn penises or impressed by how badass you must be to spray-painting them on construction and stop signs around town. It is, at best, sad. If this is the way you need to express yourself, it’s simply pathetic and tired. Not cool, shocking or worthy of any response more than, “Really?? That’s sad”. Knock it off. If you need to paint, I have some furniture you can use your spray painting “talents” on. Or maybe just try reading a book.

Maybe it’s only my aversion to feet, but I totally freaked out the other day when we went to Costco to get gas. We pulled into line behind a car beginning to fill up and I see that the guy pumping the gas is BAREFOOT. Grossly, dirtily barefoot while he puts gas in his car. In a public parking lot next to a fuel pump where people spit and dump trash and spill GAS. I literally begin shrieking in the car because it was revolting. He finished gassing up and walked back to his car and as he did so, I could see the filthy, horrifying soles of his feet walking away from me. I’m still, right now as I type this, totally creeped out with heebie-jeebies running up my spine. People, you simply HAVE TO KEEP YOUR SHOES ON.

In happier news, I had a fantastic visit/playdate with my cousin, Katie, and her daughter, Mckenna. It was so cool to watch Mckenna & William play together. Of course, I took a bunch of pictures.. At one point, I pulled out my tutus for Mckenna to play with and was surprised when Will just started following her around until he got her cornered – freaking her out by touching the tutu & not letting her escape. To save her, I let him put one on. And you can see, he LOVED it.

Why don’t parents keep their kids in line? I’m sitting at a meeting right now trying to pay attention while 3 kids are being allowed to run, jump, thump, leap & be loud right behind me. I finally had to shush them so I could hear. And that lasted 5 seconds. Just parent your rambunctious offspring. Geez.