Three years…

Here I am, sitting in my garage waiting patiently for customers to come & buy my trash. 3 years ago on this day, I sat plastered in front of the TV, tears & disbelief streaming down my face as I watched our country change forever. Our feeling of security, untouchableness, normalcy shattered in a matter of a few minutes. I’ve never before felt so out-of-control, so unable to DO anything in my life. Maggie was in preschool, Steven was 4.5 months old. I realized that their world was no longer safe. I guess part of me always felt that because we were blessed enough to live in the United States rather than in Israel or Bosnia or Ireland, we’d never have to deal with the repercussions of terrorism. I wouldn’t have to worry that some crazed “religious” fanatic would show up at my kids’ school or daycare with plastique strapped to his back. It’s amazing how insular we think we are.

I’m really just thinking back to that day – so many of us had our little crystal worlds shattered that day. I’m fortunate that I didn’t lose anyone I loved – or even knew – that day. But so many people did. So many women lost their husbands. So many men lost their wives. So many parents lost their children. So many children will never meet their fathers. People they loved. People they adored. People they took for granted, for which they’ll never forgive themselves. People whose last words to their loved one were angry or hateful or nagging or frustrated. What they wouldn’t give for one last moment with that person, just to say, “I love you” or “I’m sorry”. Forever lost because some psycho thinks they’ll spend eternity with fresh-faced virgins because they took out the infidels. It makes me sick.
As I watched the towers crumble, I was aghast. I’d never seen anything like that before. I know it can’t compare with actually being there – hearing the rumble, smelling the smoke, running from the debris – but my mind was blown. How could it happen? How could these HUGE buildings just….fall? It seems to me to defy all the laws of physics….but then again, the act itself defied all the laws of everything, so there ya go.
What really has me concerned today is how quickly we as a country have seemed to forget. I remember 3 years ago how we rallied together as a nation, decrying these acts, pulling in on ourselves for protection, seeking comfort in one another, calling for retribution – if not justice. A simple 3 years later, we’ve forgotten all that. We all praised Mayor Guiliani & President Bush for their swift action, calming presence and assuredness. Today, the hatred spewed toward our president is simply mind-boggling. This man took swift & decisive action against a group of people who have pledged to destroy our way of life. They HATE us. They want us all dead. And they’re willing to do ANYTHING to accomplish it. I don’t know what greater example they need to show. They flew 3 of our PASSENGER JETS – our simple mode of travel from here to there – into buildings FILLED with people. Buildings filled with moms, dads, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, wives & husbands. People who simply went to work trying to provide for their families. People who were planning to go to the movies that night, or see their child’s play or grab some Chinese & watch Leno. These weren’t soldiers or militia. They were regular people like you & me. And these people burned them alive. When’s the last time you saw a plane up close? They’re BIG. And filled with very flammable jet fuel. Can you imagine being on the upper floors of these buildings, looking out the window and seeing a PLANE coming at you? RIGHT at you? Realizing in those few seconds that there’s nowhere to hide, nowhere to go, no way to say goodbye? Can you imagine how they felt as the plane BURST through their walls? For those who didn’t die right away, can you imagine the fire? The smoke? What on earth were they experiencing that caused them to believe that JUMPING from 90 floors up was the better choice? This is just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on for hours about what people must have been thinking & feeling. Three years ago, we ALL felt this. We ALL wanted justice. Now, all I see are people filled with a hatred for our president that is Biblical. They want to KILL him. They joke about how stupid he is, hurtful things the want to do to him. It’s disgusting to me.

Our president has done nothing more than what is necessary to assure the safety & security of our nation. His actions have removed a racist, sexist government from power that killed, maimed, tortured, burned, and otherwise oppressed THOUSANDS of his own people. I thought we were against that. Y’know, human rights violations?? Aren’t we supposed to try to eliminate that when we can?? OH. I forgot. It’s only when a DEMOCRATIC administration does this that it’s okay. When a Republican administration does it, it’s bad. The Taliban oppressed every woman in the country, every single day. These women were STONED. They were BURNED. It was okay for their husbands to kill them because another man LOOKED at them. Where was N.O.W.? Where were all these feminist groups to decry this & support our removal of this government?

Then there’s Saddam. The crimes against humanity committed under this cretin’s regime are too numerous to count & too horrific to consider. The things he & his family did to the people they governed…it makes me cry. For crying out loud, his son KILLED their Olympic athletes because they didn’t win. They murdered thousands of their own people for speaking out against the government, saying the wrong thing or just looking at them funny. He professed over & over & over & over again how he wanted to kill us & our president. Other administrations had opportunities & tried to get rid of him & either failed or let the opportunity pass. WE GOT HIM. HE IS GONE. HIS SONS ARE DEAD. THEY WON’T HURT ANYBODY ANYMORE. Where was Amnesty Int’l.? Where were all these other human rights groups who whine & moan about atrocities committed against humanity? They’ve been strangely silent through all this. On one hand, we’ve stopped acts that they speak out & work against daily, so that’s good. On the other hand, they’re not supposed to like anything our president & his administration does, so that’s bad. So, rather than speak out supporting the “evil Bush regime”, they’ll just not say anything. The hypocrisy is stunning.
The reports also say we’re close to getting bin Laden. How is that BAD? Explain that to me. How is it BAD that we’re eliminating murderous despots? I don’t get it.

Anyway. Wow. I’ve ranted enough for today. I’m so proud of our men & women in combat right now. I’m so thankful that they’re sacrificing themselves to make our country & other countries safer. I wish I could thank them all personally. Because what they’re doing is making our lives a little better. And, more importantly, it’s making the lives of these poor oppressed people MUCH better.
May God richly bless them.