This is what it is to be five


This was the look on his face most of this day. Just variations on “OH.” Which was pretty super-cool.

We ended up having a nice party that was just okay for me. Thankfully, the party wasn’t for me. Steven had a great time, though. Once it started, that is. Last night, I wrapped his presents in my room and then put them in a big box in my room with the flaps closed. This morning, he woke me up at 6:30 with, “I want to know what’s in the presents. There are presents. What is in them?” This continued regularly until presents were opened at 12:45 pm. It was, for year #3, a Thomas & Friends party. The boy knows what he likes & does not deviate from that. We invited 5 kids – 2 from his school, his best friend, his 2nd cousin & a girl from his Cubbies group. Plus, my parents, my aunt & uncle and best friends. We knew his Cubbies friend probably couldn’t come, so we were only expecting 4 kids. Turned out neither of his school friends came. I was very disappointed by that. I don’t know why. Probably because I totally stepped out of my comfort zone to talk to the kids’ parents so they knew for sure who we were and that we were nice. Then they just didn’t come. Thankfully, Steven didn’t seem to notice or care much.

We had too much food & I spent money of goodie bag stuff that didn’t get used, though, so that kind of sucked. It was a majorly Thomastastic day. Nearly all the gifts he got were Thomas & Friends wooden railway things. We got him the Scrub & Shine, the Drawbridge, the Coal Loader, Neville, Toad & the Breakdown Crane. My parents got him Cranky, the Arched Viaduct, the Roundhouse (most coveted thing EVER) and the Turntable. Lori & Jay got him the new Echo Tunnel. And my aunt & uncle got him this wicked cool Tonka Sound & Lights Tow Truck. He went through the presents like a swarm of locusts. It was faster than I could get pictures, really. The interesting part was that, even though he plowed through the packages, he wasn’t CRAZY about it. He was thrilled with each & every thing. And so was Jason. He was adorable. It was almost as if he was getting the presents too. He was so thrilled with all the cool Thomas stuff. Of course, he’ll get to play with it just as much, so it almost was like he got it too. Then the 2 of them opened all the boxes and carefuly took all the stuff into the playroom and stayed in there playing until I had to call them out for cake. It’s so cool to watch them together. They’re about 18 months apart, but it’s like they understand each other’s brains.

Look at the travesty I performed on Henry’s head. I’m horribly upset with how it looks. As Maggie said, “He looks like a Marine.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.