This Is Me Not Being Dead

Wow. It has been something fierce up in here. You know how I’ve talked in the past about how I’m all tired and stuff? Apparently, I was an idiot. Because I only had a taste of what it means to be truly tired and crazed.

The show went on a week ago and it went amazingly. The kids pulled it off and they were wonderful. The school had never done a musical before and I think all the parents & teachers were very pleasantly surprised. The kids did an amazing job with their lines and dances and even some proper acting! I found myself standing in the back just vibrating with excitement over their accomplishment.  I was so incredibly proud of them. They were amazing.

Then, after I’d decided to scrap the yearbook, some plaintive cries to the contrary made me reconsider. I decided to finish what I’d already started and rip through a few more layouts. It took me this entire week, but I’ve finally finished it. Just have to get the orders in and place it. I’m praying it will get here before the end of next week, but I don’t think it will. However it works out, thought, it’ll be fine. At least the darn thing is done.

I am also crocheting like a madman. I finished the Muno I was making – except for the eyes & mouth. I just never got to cutting out the felt & sewing them on. It doesn’t really matter, though. William knows exactly what it is and calls it by name. And he loves it, so yay. I also made this hat:

Will gets his crocheted hat style on.

This was a super easy Lion Yarn pattern made with super bulky yarn and a size “P” hook. It came together wicked quick. The only problem is that I made the initial chain too tight, so nobody with a bigger head than Henry can get it on. That was frustrating, but I’m learning. I’m now working on another Lion Yarn pattern for a gorgeous blanket. Here’s their picture:

And here’s what I have done thus far:

It actually looks better IRL than it does here. It’s a really easy pattern – just row after row of half double stitches & then changing color every 16 rows. I can’t wait to see the finished product – I think the colors are incredibly pretty and it’s nice and soft. I love crochet, y’all.

So next week’s going to stink. I hate May, y’all. The ending of school and all the crazy stuff that comes with it. When you’ve got kids in different schools, it’s hard to keep track and schedule where to be & when. Next year oughta be even crazier when the kids are in 3 different schools. Yeek.

Can’t think of anything else right now. My mind is fuzzy and unfocused. I should abed.

Oh. Hey, Dude Who Called Rapture? Maybe try reading your Bible before you claim superior knowledge. If God didn’t tell Jesus while He was here on Earth, what makes you think He’d share the date with you? I sure wish everybody would quit calling dates & just live like the Bible says. Maybe if we’d SHUT UP about crap like that and stop trying to figure out things the Bible explicitly told us we wouldn’t know and maybe, I don’t know, do the things it tells us TO DO, others would be a little more open to hearing Jesus’ message. Just a thought.