The Walk of FAME

Oooh! I’m back!

When last we spoke, we had gone to see Craig Ferguson, were rewarded with astronomical headaches and returned to our hotel to find that Maggie had entertained The Who during our outing.

The next morning, while Steve slept, the 4 kids and I took a trip back down to Hollywood Blvd to look at the stars and see the spectacle. We did a bit of shopping at Hollywood & Highland and then began our travels. We got some pictures outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre with the crazy people who show up there in costumes. What an interesting display that is. I don’t know why they do it, actually, because they certainly can’t make much money on tips.  The tourists seem to like it, but not enough to support them, I wouldn’t think.

Sorry – I’m watching Downton Abbey while I write this and I’m just enamored with Maggie Smith. Her every movement is precise, delicious and perfect.

We all walked up and down the stars, taking pictures of the ones we loved. It seems quite an odd practice, taking pictures of stars set in the street that have nothing attaching them to the people they represent. But there were were, traipsing up & down and getting excited when we’d come across one we liked. How odd.

I love how Maggie & Steven posed with Ghostface. Not at all afraid. I think the dude failed at his scaring mission, but that’s okay. One thing that confused me – if you’re running a store that sells food that you eat? Why on earth would you include the word “Beard” in the name. I just don’t want to ever eat anything that’s associated with the word “beard”. Okay? Thanks.

I was happy to find the stars for Elvis, Etta James, Stan Lee, Aretha, Liza, Mahalia, Marilyn, and some of my favorite British actors like Her Cateness, Emma Thompson, Dame Helen Mirren and the Firthiest of all Colins. And, finally, the Queen of Hollywood, Betty White. Steven was thrilled to find Bill Cosby and Chuck Norris. It was kind of hysterical and a lot of fun. I’m glad we did it, even if it is the most touristy thing ever in the world.

Oh – let me show you the layout I did about this day. I love how it turned out.

Click the picture to read journaling and see credits.

When we were done, we walked through the mall and came across the biggest candy store ever in the whole world. It’s called Sweet and, literally, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was the size of about 4 normal mall stores put together and there was every kind of candy you’ve ever seen, plus 100 other kinds you didn’t even know about. We, of course, took pictures like crazy. I borrowed some that Maggie took, too, and I want to share them with you.


Okay – that first picture? I don’t even know what that is. That horse head is terrifying and disturbing. I loved the colorful beans (or maybe sour balls?) in the different glass containers. I thought this was a gorgeous display. That Harry Potter picture? Made completely from jellybeans. I saw it and loved it, but then all I could think was that Henry was going to kick it from his stroller, it would shatter and billions of jellybeans would be EVERYWHERE. The cow piano was for Henry. He loved the cow piano. The other pictures were taken by Maggie. They had a whole wing that was just Wonka. It was so gorgeous with stunning, delicious displays showing off chocolate bars. YUM.

Okay. That’s it for today. Next post will be about our trip to DISNEYLAND.