The Squish invades Verda Dierzen

Yup – yesterday was his 1st day of school. So cool – there are only 3 kids in the class right now, so it’s a great environment for him. He was so incredibly cute. Check him out – here he is walking in with Daddy


Here he is saying “hello” to his friend Brown Bear on the wall


Here he’s checking out the PT room


And discovering the trampoline


And thoroughly investigating a puzzle


He was a hoot. He tore the place up. No, literally. He TORE the place up. He got his hands on nearly every toy & book on the shelf & THREW them around the room. I tell ya, this kid has a serious future as a major league pitcher. Of course, it’ll be a new style of over-your-back-shoulder kind of pitching and he needs to work on accuracy, but the kid’s got POWER. Chucking blocks over his shoulder. Little People. Books. He NAILED his teacher in the face with a papered cylinder thing. So, he’s off for a new year.

Today was a weird day. Took Maggie & Steven to school & then went to stop by my dad’s office where we drop off the trash. As I’m getting out of the car, I notice that the back door is standing wide open. Nobody works there or anything, but it’s still a place of business. And that door should not be open. I thought maybe my Grandma had stopped by, but then there wasn’t a car in the parking lot & I don’t think she would’ve walked that far. Steve decides he’d better check it out, so he uses all his stealthy policing crime scene skillz and enters the premises without leaving prints or disturbing the scene. Sure enough, somebody broke in. Popped a basement window & turned the place upside down – but didn’t seem to take any of the computers or office equipment. Looks like they were looking for cash or something. Called the cops & my uncle (since I don’t have any idea what was in there) and learned that there had been a couple of other break-ins in the neighborhood. So that was an interesting way to start the day. Yeek.

Went to pick up Henry & Steve gets a call from the school he interviewed for yesterday. It’s a long-term substitute position for a teacher going on maternity leave from mid-November through the end of the year. He thought his interview didn’t go terribly well, but they offered him the job!! He’s so thrilled. He was getting really worried & stressed about it, so now he can relax. The only bad part is it’s a school down closer to where we were living, so Steve may have to stay at our old house a couple nights a week. Thankfully, my parents will be here. The kids are doing so well in school. They both are really enjoying the new school. Maggie’s so much happier than she was last year. She’s got a couple of good friends already & she’s going to join the band! She decided she wants to play the clarinet, so we rented one from the music store & she’s gonna play in the band. Yee-haw! She’s practically vibrating with excitement about it. I hope she enjoys it. Things are looking up! God is so awesome!