The Reunion

Sounds like the title of a bad movie, huh? Or maybe a not-so-bad movie with Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Anna Faris. No, that would be “Reunion Crashers”. Which could be a very fun movie.

Something that was wicked cool to me this weekend was the thought that there were people out there in InternetLand who were excitedly anticipating this blog post. The idea that some of y’all were anxious to hear about it was very trippy to me. We had an exhausting weekend. On Friday, we went up to the Illinois Railway Museum for the annual Day Out With Thomas. This was the 2nd year we went and while it’s always super fun for the boy, it’s very, very stressful & tiring. It’s always hot, there’s too many people and there’s lots & lots of waiting. We had tickets to ride on Thomas at 1:00, so we got there about noon so we could queue at 12:30 & be able to sit where we wanted. We didn’t stay terribly long – we rode Thomas, then went & got some hot dogs & drinks, then waited in line to see Sir Topham Hatt. After about a 20 minute wait, Steven had his turn and refused to get near him. So that was a delicious waste of time. Yay. Next was the requisite stop at the Massive Thomas Merchandise Tent of Doom and Bankruptcy. A huge tent filled to the gills with every imaginable (and some unimaginable) piece of Thomas product under the sun. Every wooden train & accessory, die-cast, battery-powered and electric. Puzzles, books, videos, DVDs, backpacks, clothing, lunchboxes, sippy cups, scrapbook supplies, backpacks, bedding, toothbrushes, watches, shoes, and a billion other things I can’t remember now. The tent was wall-to-wall people and insanely freaked-out children. Steven got to pick out 2 toys and I got him a rolling backpack for school. Then Steve waited in the “Just Took Five Years Off My Life” line and we waited outside for the 30 minutes it took for him to make it though. Yikes. Then we left.

Saturday was spent getting me a new laptop power cord after mine blew up on Friday night. Somehow, the stupid thing split & when I plugged it in, it sparked & smoked. Got the power cord. Yay for Best Buy. Then we come to (cue evocative music) the Reunion. Me & the kids spent the afternoon at my parents while Steve stayed in the hotel room getting some work done. I called him at about 4:30 to say I was on my way back. Got back to get ready, and what does TNT just *happen* to be playing and my husband had on for my benefit?? The Patriot. So I get to get ready for my reunion while watching my favorite villainous Colonel of all time. I took way too long getting ready, but here’s the result for those of you who were curious about my outfit.


The skirt is so cool. It’s all chiffony at the bottom and swirls so fantastically. And the shoes?? I love them. So very, very much. They were way more comfortable then I thought they’d be. Of course, I had forgotten to put my lipstick on before Steve took the picture, so that’s missing. But I looked good – according to Steve.

We left at about 6:30, when the cocktail hour started. Steve had forgotten his cufflinks, so we stopped at Kohl’s so he could buy another pair. Then we drove to the club. And I got progressively more nervous with every mile. By the time we pulled into the parking lot, I was having to take deep breaths to try to calm my nerves. Seriously, I was unbelievably nervous. I cannot remember the last time I was that nervous. We went in & then we were supposed to go downstairs to the banquet area. Big curvy staircase with all sorts of people gathered below. No way to make a unnoticed entrance. I actually had to stop at the top of the stairs, where I almost turned & ran, and breathe. I walked down those stairs so slowly because I was scared I’d fall. Got to the bottom and was immediately greeted by Jack, one of our class officers. Who got much taller than he was & was very cute! Had to stop at the table to get our nametags on which we had to peel & stick our yearbook photos. I was shaking so bad I couldn’t get the sticky off. Amazingly, I recognized so many people – I thought I wouldn’t, but I did! Steve said I shook for the 1st half hour. I’m so glad I went. It was such a good time.

My best friend from high school was there – wasn’t expecting to see her. Two friends who I used to do theatre with – weren’t expecting to see them, either, since one lives in California and the other was supposed to be in Special Forces training. I was super surprised to see how many people were excited to see me. Of course, there were the people who’d had way too much to drink doing the whole, “I love you, man!!” thing. And some people who I didn’t know too well back in the day (or who didn’t seem to particularly like me) being all ‘OMG – I’m so glad you’re heeeeeere!!!!” ::hug hug:: However, some of that I will attribute to the very flowing booze. It was rather funny to me – because back in the day, I was the one who was completely plowed, fawning and gushing (in more ways than one) over people and saying either ridiculously stupid or horribly inappropriate things. It was kind of nice to be the sober one – keeping it together while others were kind of being droopily happy all over everyone.

But I have one complaint. It took WAAAAAY too long for the masses to get drunk enough to venture on the dance floor. I so very much wanted to dance, but I wasn’t going to do it by myself, y’know? So I waited and waited. Finally, at about 10:30, people started jumping around. So I got to dance for about 45 minutes or so. And, my friends, it was WICKED hot in there. I was the sweatiest overweight housewife on earth. But I got to dance in a big way – which was fun. I could even dance in my shoes!! Those were the best shoes ever. I loooooove them. I wish they had played a few more 80s tunes, though. He played a bunch of newer (I think??) hip hop songs – including something about having junk in the trunk, which was quite comical to see a bunch of late 30s women “junking” their “trunks”. Yeah, including me. Cuz ain’t nobody there with a junkier trunk than mine, and this girl knows how to move it. ::hee::

I’m so glad I went. Thanks to all y’all who encouraged me. It was unbelievably stressful before it, but once I calmed down, I had an amazing time. I felt so good about myself. I mean, I’m realistic – I know I’ve gained a metric ton of weight since then and I’m not Shakira or Catherine Zeta-Jones or some other super-hot sexy lady – but I felt really good about who I’ve become and what my life is now. My amazing children – who I didn’t get to show off because I left the lovely little 8×8 scrapbook I’d put together SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS EVENT sitting at my mom’s house. My handsome, funny, articulate and unbelievably supportive husband. I mean, I may be fat, but there’s way more to life than your weight (DO YOU HEAR ME, NICOLE RICHIE?? EAT A SANDWICH NOW.) and mine is very, very good. God has given me way more than I ever dreamed & I need to be a little more thankful about it and be less whiney about what isn’t perfect. So that’s it. I’m exhausted, my back & neck hurt from all the head-banging I did on the dance floor. I have the comforting assurance from my hubby that I was super-hot and wicked good-looking. And I give a big shout out to my homies at WHS Class of ’86. Thanks to Judi, Mike, Rich, Kim, and everybody else who put this together. It really was a blast to see everybody again – you all look FANTASTIC. And to those of you who WEREN’T there who I was really hoping to see – Kevin, Tim, Dean, Denise (Harper), Vivi – I’m talking to you. Y’all stink for not being there & I missed you. ::smile:: I hope you’ll be there at the 25th, okay? Please?