The one where Mommy’s a big liar.

This week is finally over. I feel like I’ve done nothing but run from here to there & back to here & then over yonder & just a little hither & yon.

Soccer’s over. I think Mag enjoyed it, but I’m now not 100% sure. She became a total snotty 14 year old when I picked her up & was just slamming me left & right all the way home. Of course, we had to run right home afterwards cuz Squish had ST, but Mag wanted to stay & play. So she cried. I’m trying to get her to focus & y’know, maybe say goodbye to her new friends & say thanks to the coach & all that, but she was just concentrating on being a snot. We gather up Steven & head to the car. Coach Adam’s pulling away, but he stops to roll down his window & say goodbye. I thank him & tell him that Mag really enjoyed it. I then asked, “You’re from Cardiff, right…?” and said that Mag wanted to go online & see about Wales & Great Britain. (WHICH SHE TOTALLY SAID THIS MORNING) She shouts from my side, “No, I didn’t.” Okay – now I look like a big liar. He drives off. I go, “Thanks for making me look like a big liar, Mag.” She goes, “Well, you are.” No! I’m totally not! I know that this morning she was interested in finding out about Wales on the internet & seeing this cool castle they have in Cardiff. (Yeah, I already looked. Shut. Up.)

In other news, Squish said, “Uh-oh”, “Wow”, “Cow”, “moo”, “baaaa” & “vroom” today. And he signed for chicken & sheep. I’m filling out the application to MIT as we speak.

Steven is … oh, cripes. He’s the same. Lining up his trains. Spending 90% of the day reciting movies word for bloody word. Screaming & pinching me when he doesn’t get his way. We finally got an appointment with the psychiatrist lady at Children’s for July 5th. I’ll be very happy to have all this diagnostic limbo over with. At this point, I don’t even care anymore – just tell me is he or isn’t he? So we can get on with life.


Yes, I see the guys in the back. Don’t even ask.

I watched a new Jason Isaacs movie the other night. “The Last Minute”. It’s older. The strangest movie (other than the Ludivine Sagnier romp, 8 Women) I’ve seen. He played a vicious, violent, sadistic, murdering, child-beating, sledgehammer-wielding, head-butting crooner. Don’t ask me what it was about. I have no idea. But when a guy head butts another guy into oblivion & then picks him up & throws him across the room before bursting into a snappy version of “Under My Skin”? I’m intrigued. Yes…I think I know what you’re thinking. And the answer is yes. I am sick & wrong.