Thanksgiving Celebrations

It’s coming…..right around the corner…..descending upon us. It’s Thanksgiving!

I loooove Thanksgiving. I’ll admit it freely – mostly because of the food. I couldn’t really care less about the turkey – it’s the rest of it. The stuffing – cornbread & traditional – the sweet potatoes, the rolls and breads and, of course, the pumpkin pie. Or sweet potato pie. Man, there was this Thanksgiving over a decade ago where a friend of my in-laws from Belize made a sweet potato pie that KILLED ME. It was so incredibly good. The secret? She said it was fresh ground nutmeg. But it was more than that. She just wasn’t giving it up.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year? Do you go all out or keep it more low-key? Over at they have a boatload of Thanksgiving ideas that look so fun! I am TOTALLY digging the ideas for veggie fall table arrangements. Of course, the words “Butternut Squash” grabbed my attention (my digital scrapbook store’s name is Butternug Squash Designs, in case you didn’t know), so I had to check that one out. Totally clever – cut the top off of a butternut squash, hollow it out and use it as a vase! I never would have thought of that. They also suggest using an artichoke or mixing flowers in with asparagus in a loose, tied arrangement. Very cool.

They also have a whole section just for theThanksgiving Dinner Menu. They offer recipes for dishes like Rum & Cherry Cornbread Stuffing, Grand Marnier Roasted Turkey, Anise Pecan yams, Cranberry Orange Relish & Irish Cream Pumpkin Pie. Some of them are a little too “A Super-Drunk Thanksgiving” for me, but they still sound good!

They also offer ideas for Thanksgiving crafts & skits for the kids, recipes, prayers, art projects, nostalgia and lots more. I think I might have to use this site for a few clever ideas to make our Thanksgiving a little more interesting!