Thanks Happy Giving!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful. Quiet, filled with amazing food, and I didn’t even have to put makeup on. You simply cannot beat that. Thanksgiving is Daddy Unscripted’s favorite holiday. Because it revolves around amazing comfort foods and he has the capability to make them & make them WELL. Unfortunately, this year our stove was on the fritz. I don’t know why, but all of sudden the oven stopped cooking things properly. We had an appliance repairman out to check it out and he thought the thermostat might be out of whack, but to recalibrate it would run us about $300. So…looks like we’ll be getting a new stove. So much fun. So Steve decided to smoke the turkey in his smoker. He’d done it before and we all loved the way it turned out, so we knew that’d be good. Then he made his father’s stuffing – with raisins & apples & cranberries – and his mother’s corn bread stuffing, roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Then, since he didn’t want to do the traditional yam casserole, he decided to create a recipe for twice-baked sweet potatoes – which were AMAZING. With every bite I took, I would let out a groan because it was so amazingly good. Then I got my camera out to take some photos & here’s the LO I got done:


I used my new kit, “Thanks Happy Giving” for this one. Here’s a peek:


We finally got someone out to shred all of Steve’s old files this week. On Wednesday, this cool truck pulled up with this one guy. He just poured all the files into this oversized garbage can & took it to his truck where it dumped it into the truck and shredded it all right there. Imagine my surprise when I went to offer to move the van & he responds in this accent that sounded slightly Scottish. I start showing him what needs to go & then I can’t help myself. I ask, “You wouldn’t happen to be Scottish, would you??” He looks a bit surprised and says, “No….I’m from England. Almost to Scotland, though.” “Really? Where in England?” “Yorkshire.” Then I knew. This was exactly the accent Alan Rickman had in the movie “Blow Dry”. Exactly. And once I realized it, I couldn’t stop talking to him. He was kind of a chatty guy, so I just kept asking him questions so I could keep hearing him talk. He told me all about his ’71 Buick Riviera he’s restoring in his 2 car garage and how it’s totally making his wife mad because she can’t park in the garage. “She has to leave her BMW out in drive,” he says. All Yorkshire-y and cool. And I can barely respond to him because the more I listen to him, the more I’m thinking in his accent rather than in my own voice. I just wanted to say, “Y’know…you could just stay and talk…just keep talking about….well, whatever.” He wasn’t even a good looking guy, but I was just mesmerized by him and his sexy, working-class Yorkshire accent. Just……yikes.

Looks like we’re going to spend the winter with our backyard all dug up. Septic Guy came out & he thinks he can handle the problem. So maybe next week we’ll have a backhoe in the yard, digging up a big poo hole. Yee-haw.