Thank You

53278875Before I start, I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has come here to my blog, read my post “Done“, and commented with kind words & support. I honestly wish I was able to personally respond to every one, but I just can’t. With taking care of 4 kids and attempting (and often failing) to keep my home while working on my photography, I can’t do it. But I absolutely want you to know that I am reading every single one and every single one is affecting me. Your stories, your despair, your thankfulness, your simple desire to receive love – all of it has really affected me. I had NO idea that the post would mean so much to people. I expected some negative comments, but I never imagined…y’know?

And to every single one of you – you are in my prayers. I pray that you will find others like me in real life so that you can know acceptance and love. From the comments, I know we’re out there. And if you are one of those commenters, I pray that you will reach out and show others the love we’ve talked about.

Okay, change of subject. I am working hard to create a website for my photography. I am hoping that I can expand and get more work shooting theatrical productions and maybe even get some portraiture, like senior portraits. I wanted a site where I can show off what I can do, so I started working on that. I’m probably a third finished with it and decided to update my blog a little so it coordinates with the photography site. I hope I can get it done by the end of the summer. It would be great to have it done in time for next year’s seniors to know that I don’t just shoot the shows, I can take cool photos of them, too.

Oh, a funny. Steven showed me that Shia LeBeouf “motivational” video? How odd is it that, not only did I laugh, but I found myself commiserating and feeling bad for him when he tried to communicate with his hands. Because….well….I am that. My husband has made fun of me forever (and now Steven has joined in) because when I can’t think of a word (which is a super-fun side effect of getting older & being overwhelmed), I turn to these nonsensical hand motions that, to me, convey my meaning. However, to the other person in the conversation, I look like I’m trying to create life out of dead skin cells, dust motes glinting in the sun, and my own despair. And, without fail, Steve will collapse in laughter and I will stand there just going, “Shut uuuuuuuup.” For I am old, sad, tired, and the worst ASL translator on Earth.