This is how I feel about the stupid Russian morons who hacked a bunch of stuff – including my blog. Hackers are stupider than that.

Well…it seems I have fixed the blog problem, perhaps only temporarily. Unfortunately, I had to change to a new URL and start fresh so as to eliminate the lovely hacky Easter eggs that the hackers planted in my files. I really, really hope this works, because I can’t keep doing this.

In addition to dealing with this crap, I’ve got a little more going on. Maggie’s in the midst of rehearsals for her first high school musical, Pippin. I’m so glad she’s enjoying it. I’ve never seen Pippin, so I’m excited to see it. It’s so cool to me to see her so excited about it and talking about the cool choreography and the fun music. It’ll be a hoot to see!

Steven just finished up his Upward basketball season. It was the first time he’d ever played and, truthfully, I was a little worried. He’s not, let’s say, athletically inclined. He’s never been a big fan of sports or sporting activity. The past also showed that he wasn’t real good at playing on a team. I was also worried that his teammates would be less than gracious about having to play on a team with someone who had no experience. Let me just say that I was gloriously wrong. Steven loved it so, so much. His coach was awesome and so patient working with a kid who had no basketball skills and struggled with some of the basics. His teammates were not only gracious, they liked him. They were happy to have him on the team, friendly, engaging and encouraging. He had a couple kids on the team who were really, really good. These kids weren’t rude to him or annoyed when he was put in. They encouraged him and helped him improve. All of this helped Steven improve and become really good on defense. He’s like Shaq – crushing defense, using his body to just prevent his guy from going anywhere. He would have a little trouble going from defense to offense, but that improved somewhat, too. He actually liked it so much he decided to do a basketball camp this summer and might even try out for the school team next year. I’m so proud of him!!

Henry is also getting his sport on. He’s been practicing for his Special Olympics soccer skills and track and field teams that compete next month. At first, he wanted nothing to do with it. As far as he was concerned, school is over at 2:30 and he wants to go HOME. The fact that he had to stay an extra hour and work more was a human rights violation in his eyes. He’s become used to it now. For him, track and field is pretty hysterical. His goal is to be able to run in a straight line and get to the finish line. For Henry, there are too many other things to do. “Look, there’s a rock……a bird!…..I want to sit now” Plus, if someone isn’t right there with him, guiding him continually, he’ll just wander away. His coach said, “I think will focus on the throwing event for him rather than running or jumping.” HA! Good call, coach. Henry is the master of throwing. (Really, Christy? Never heard you talk about Henry throwing...) I think if the planets align correctly, he could win throwing. Just don’t give him anything heavy or pointy to throw, okay? No javelin, swords, shotput, razor-edged discus. For soccer, they’re trying to get them to kick the ball through two cones. They have a bit where they time them to kick 4 balls through 4 goals. Henry will do it if someone’s right there guiding him and reminding him what they’re doing. I don’t know if he has to do it alone at the competition, but if so, that’ll be a hoot. He might kick one ball and then pick up the other 3 and whip them at people. Should be exciting.

William isn’t doing anything exciting except being amazingly cute. He’s talking a lot more and using more sentences. He’s also had this horrific cough off and on that we can’t get rid of. Literally, he’s coughing until he gags every 2 minutes. I’m wondering if it’s allergies of some sort. The pollen levels are astronomical lately. I don’t know.

I’m also continuing my crochet and getting more things listed on etsy. I’ve got my store up with a name, banner and eleven items in it right now.

I think that’s a cute name and banner. I think I’ve got some really cute stuff in there. Nothing’s sold yet, but I’m keepin’ on. I mean, look!!

Flapper Hat with Huge Flower! $20

Hooded Baby Cocoon $30










Long-Tie Pom Hat in Blues $25

Those are 3 of my favorites, but I’ve got some cute things in there, I think. Plus, I’ve got another 7 or so that I need to photograph and get in there.

Let’s see…other news. Ooo…I took Maggie to see The Hunger Games yesterday and here’s what I thought. I’m a big fan of seeing books I’ve loved translated on the screen Usually, the movie falls far, far short. Till now, I’ve thought that Harry Potter did the best job taking the written word and putting it to movie form. Hunger Games puts it to shame. They did an absolutely brilliant job taking an amazing book and making a movie that didn’t leave out important details, didn’t needlessly change plot points, didn’t add in unnecessary stuff and made all the really important stuff just as amazing as it was in the book. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job as Katniss. The actress who played Rue was unbelievably perfect. Peeta was really good. There wasn’t enough of Gale to really make a determination, but what was there was good. Elizabeth Banks was amazing as Effie. I loved Lenny Kravitz and especially Stanley Tucci. He NAILED Cesar.

Probably the best part for me was the use (or elimination) of sound. There was very little “mood music” which made the poignant scenes more poignant, stressful scenes moreso. Plus, it didn’t assume that the audience needed violins of woe to know that what was happening was important, emotional and heartwrenching.
Well, well, well done.

Okay – that’s it for today. I’m tentatively optimistic that I’ve got this solved. We’ll see. Change your bookmarks to remove the dash between motherhood and unscripted.