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One Week

He’s one week old today – can you believe it? I can’t. It went faster since the first 3 days were in the nursery. So, today was his 1 week appointment. And remind me to NOT make appointments where I have to be in public talking to people between 3-5pm. Because EVERYTHING makes me start…



I know I have so much to update y’all with. Will is home and doing well. He came home Sunday afternoon and we’re slowly adjusting. Well – everyone else is adjusting. I’m not doing too well. I am on top of it, but the postpartum hormone emotion roller coaster is knocking me around pretty bad….


What a difference…

…a day can make! Things have gotten so much better today & I feel way better. I’ve been trying to go into the nursery for every feeding. They started feeding him last night through an NSG(?) tube that goes in through his nose & down to his stomach. He was off the oxygen when I…