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Where My Mojo Go?

As I sat here last night trying to type my blog post, I got so frustrated. I don’t know what’s going on with my brain. I feel like pulling anything out of it is 800 times more difficult than it should be. I can’t think of anything. I get an idea and it just gets…


Are You KIDDING Me?!?

I must have said that 30 times last night. Thirty times that William decided to wake up crying. Thirty times he wouldn’t be consoled. Thirty times he seemed to have to poop & couldn’t, but didn’t respond to any palpation, nursing or cuddling. Thirty times that I said, “I’ve only got 5 more hours to…


Kick-my-tail Wednesday

I’m so tired. Like, kick me in the face tired. Here’s what happened today. First, it was Henry’s first day. You can read about it over here: Motherhood…Unprepared So, we took Maggie & Steven to school and dropped them off. Came back home and gave Henry breakfast & fed the dog. Then took Henry to…