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Sick. Can you believe this? I’m sick again. Some sort of something with a fever between 100-101, difficulty breathing deeply, headache and dizziness. I woke up middle of the night last night SHIVERING and chattering my teeth. I changed to warmer pajamas and put the comforter on the bed. Woke up in the morning literally…


Week of Plague

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how sick I am with the illness traveling through our house. Golly…I just can’t remember. We got hit…AGAIN. Monday night, Steven woke up to tell me he’d thrown up in his bed. Yay. That’s the way you wanna wake up. So I got his bed stripped, told him to…


On My Last Nerve

Who do I have to pay to get rid of these illnesses? Seriously? Because I will pay and pay handsomely. I am so incredibly sick of this. Everyone in my house is and has been on antibiotics for their full courses and, of course, since Henry’s been finished for 2 days, he’s SICK AGAIN. I…



There is fiberglass in my lungs. Not, not really, but it sure feels that way. I am so incredibly sick. I don’t know if the massage brought this all up or what, but my sinuses & throat & lungs are ruined. I’m coughing like a tuberculosis-suffering, coal-mining, asbestos-breathing smoker. It hurts. ::sickly sob:: Tomorrow we’re…