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Crazy Lady

I just installed the WordPress app on my iPad. I now can post while I’m lying in bed. What a time we live in, eh? I know I haven’t written anything new in quite some time. Y’all? I am biz. ee. Like woah. I began a scrapbook project in September that I am just now…


I Am Still Crafty

I am SO CRAFTY, y’all. :hee: You remember those decor pieces I made for Steven & Henry’s room? Maggie was very interested in them & wanted me to make something for her room, too. We went through some options and we came up with some good ideas. She decided on the quote she wanted and…


Another week down!

We made it! William is now 2 weeks old and we’re doing great! I’m so pleased with how well we’re doing and how I’m handling everything. I’m madly in love with my Zoloft for helping me to handle everything so far. I’m even not panicking at the fact that we are dreadfully short of money…


I know.

I’m sorry. I have been so tired lately, by the time I get to my usual blogging time, I’m too tired to do it. Plus, I’ve been distracted by creating fonts and playing Sims3. Oh, and trying not to kill myself doing the laundry. Cuz, see, as I was going down the basement stairs earlier…