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I am really angry with Whitney Houston. Wait. Before you get all up-in-arms, let me explain myself. I’m a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I’ve been down that road myself, so I’m not talking out of thin air here. I went into rehab in 1988 and haven’t gone back. I got sober not because I…


Day 10

Wow. I really thought it would have been a lot better by now. I just took my last dose of prescription painkillers, so I’m hoping I can get more to tide me over till my 2 week checkup. I would say I’m at about 50%. As long as I’m taking the painkillers, I’m doing okay….



Okay – things are a little better today. Before I update, I want to thank all y’all who took time to comment both here and on Facebook to encourage and edify me. It’s an amazing thing to me that I can write a blog post that’s basically a vent to get out the crap roiling…