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I just spent about 45 minutes reading through some of my old posts from 2006. And, boy, did it put my current life in perspective. I honestly can barely remember those times. When Henry was a little nuglet, we had just learned about Steven’s Asperger’s and Maggie was a little diva. And my life was…


Embrace the Nerd

I had a great opportunity today. Apparently, Steven’s having some trouble at school with a couple of boys being rude to him. He says they’re insulting him. He’s having trouble with a couple boys who make comments about how they are awesome and Steven isn’t. And they call him a nerd. Boy, did I burst…


What Happened to Imagination?

A while ago, I was motivated to write a post on my other blog about how we as parents changed from “parents” to “entertainment directors“. And how annoyed I am by it. If you want, click on over & read it. It’s okay. I’ll wait till you come back. Go ahead. Now that you’ve got…


True Confessions

Okay. It’s time for parental true confessions. I’m warning you – I’m going to be brutally honest here. Because I have to vent somewhere. <deep breath> Lately, I don’t like my middle sons very much. Does that make me an awful person? Probably, to some people out there. I just have to be honest. I…