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Crazy Lady

I just installed the WordPress app on my iPad. I now can post while I’m lying in bed. What a time we live in, eh? I know I haven’t written anything new in quite some time. Y’all? I am biz. ee. Like woah. I began a scrapbook project in September that I am just now…


Iz Not Ded…….Agin

Over a month. Yeah, I stink. I know. So, I’ve been wearing my photographer’s hat lately. Doing the musical, “Meet Me in St. Louis”. Taking 8 billion pictures and then having to process them, which consists of opening the RAW file in Lightroom and fixing white balance, exposure, sharpening. Then opening in Photoshop to pop…


Cuh-Rayzee Weekend

There was simply too much to do this weekend. My husband, Steve, opened the freshman/sophomore musical he directed at his school. And, of course, he wanted me there for all the performances, but I have this stumbling block called KIDS that prevent me from just up & doing whatever I want whenever I want. Additionally,…