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Happy Mother’s Day

What a day. I have to start by thanking my family for a lovely day. They did a really nice job providing me a simple, relaxing, low-stress day. I suggested to Steve that we should go visit his mother’s grave – it was important to me and I know it was important to him. I…


Mother’s Day, Yet Again

I’m sitting up here, late, waiting for my husband to get back from prom. Isn’t that a silly sentence? Not only is my husband at prom, he went stag and won’t be back till 2am or so. He’s chaperoning. Which oughta be a major pain. I can’t imagine having to chaperone today’s youth as they…


Mother’s Day

Yeah, I know you know. I’m sure every single blog you’ve visited today has been about Mother’s Day. And this one is, too! Last night at bedtime (9pm), I noticed that Henry was covered with some sort of circular rash thing – mostly on his torso. None of us were sure what it was and…