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I Challenge You, People Magazine

Once again, People Magazine has put out their list of “Random Little Boys Who Have Abs, So That Makes Them HAWT!” issue. I cannot stand this issue. Because, inevitably, there are less than five actual men in the magazine. The rest are little square-jawed, 4% body fat, clones sporting scruff to show that they’ve actually…


I Did Not Fully Understand

See, I’ve never had braces. I had an orthodontic appliance where there were 2 brackets on my back molars with a thick wire behind my bottom teeth – like this. So I was completely unaware about the actual pain experienced after braces are applied. I have had my top front 6 teeth capped, which hurt…



Does it get any better than this? Some of the stuff that comes out of my boy’s mouth is simply mind-boggling. I’m talking to Maggie – something about being “slender”. From the backseat comes this: “Mommy, what’s “slender” mean?” “Slim….skinny, Steven.” Pause Pause “Speaking of skinny,” Steven states, “weasels are skinny.” What??? What???!?!? Where the…