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More reports

So, yesterday we had Maggie’s conference. And, as discouraging as Steven’s was, Maggie’s was 180 degrees the opposite. Her teacher loves her, as – I think – most teachers who get kids who love learning. Her report card was nearly perfect and her teacher asked several times about ways to further challenge her. I felt…


The mighty IEP

We had the big meeting today for Steven. A table filled with teachers, professionals & me & Steve. 9 people total. All of us gathered ’round the table, talking about the boy. I think it was a really, really good meeting. We heard some great things about him. It’s nice to know that people who…


So. Much. Stuff.

Y’know how I was complaining last post about it being cold and all that? Well, it’s bleedin’ snowing. It’s March. And it’s snowing. And will be for the next 2 days. I really dislike this time of year. Deep in my gut with the displeasure. I’m tired of the cold & the wet & the…