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Light Bulb!!

My last post gave me an idea and I want to share it. I think this would be a cool idea for one of those “Right Now” moments – if you’re a scrapbooker or an artist or whatever. What a neat moment in time! Here, I did it: Do it! Right now! Tonight! First thing…


Another Year Down

It’s not quite that dire, but I am another year older! Thursday was my birthday and I had such a great day. My birthday has been rough on me in the past. I usually get depressed and cranky a day or so before, lasting through the day after. When I’ve tried to analyze what goes…


A delicious, delectable weekend

It’s my birthday present weekend & here I am, enjoying myself at the local Holiday Inn. Thanks to Priceline & my thoughtful husband who knows that I need to just get. away. once in a while. It’s been…..interesting thus far. I left about 4:00 yesterday afternoon, and spent some time in Borders, looking for book…