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Cut Off

It’s official. We are eliminating our cable TV service in a few days. I’m done with Comcast, done with their fees, their crappy customer service and the rest. We’ve got Netflix, Hulu Plus services, a Roku on Steve’s office TV and a Google TV upstairs. With the Wii and a PS3, we can have all…



I just finished reading this book, and all I can say is, “wow”. This is one that Steve got & read & then decided I had to read. Often, I’ll just nod & smile when he insists I read something, but I’ve got a soft spot for zombie literature, so I picked it up. Whoa….


I’m Nothing Else…

…if not honest on this blog. Honest to the point of making myself look bad. So when I saw this on Stacie’s blog, I wanted to participate. So here’s how this will go down. If you’d like to participate, too, answer all the questions below and then share the l o v e with 6…