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New glasses?

As you may remember, Henry broke my glasses recently. Thankfully, I was able to get a new pair by the end of the week, but it ended up costing me about $150, even AFTER our insurance discount. Which? Stinks. If he could only have waited a couple of weeks, I could have got my new…


Disney Bingo

Do you love Disney movies? I do and have even most of my adult life! Can I tell you a secret? Beauty & the Beast was one of the 1st dates my husband and I went on and ended up being kind of a mini-theme at our wedding! Here are my top 15 Disney Characters:…


Car Magnets

Back in the day, I used to sell stuff on eBay. Mostly I went around to the myriad Gymboree stores in my area, buying off the sales racks and listing it for profit. Occasionally, I’d add in some babyGap or other higher-end children’s clothing, but mostly it was Gymboree. I probably shipped about 50-75 packages…


More workout ideas!

I’ve been continuing my working out – as you’ve read – and on Sunday I actually walked 3 miles! Very exciting for me. I’m still working on putting together good music for walking. It’s difficult to find music that I like that also has the proper tempo so I’m not walking too fast or too…