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Journaling says: That morning, I was putting on my makeup in the room that would, in about a year’s time, become Maggie’s room. It was kind of a junk room then, but I’ve always like applying my makeup while sitting down, so I would sit at the desk in there & put my makeup on…


Another Remembrance

I wanted to highlight another post I made about 9/11 – this one was 3 years ago: I’m sure every other blog in the blogosphere has their 9/11 Tribute today. I’m sure some are amazingly moving and some are annoying. Some are political and some are emotional. Some are remembrances, some are filled with anger…


Eight Years

Today is an important day, so as I have in the past, I’m rewinding back to a post I wrote five years ago. Because we must never forget. Ever. Here I am, sitting in my garage waiting patiently for customers to come & buy my trash. 3 years ago on this day, I sat plastered…



This is also posted on my other blog, Motherhood…Unsettled , because I think today is that important. I was thinking about what I wanted to say today. I went back to something I wrote in 2004 and, for the most part, it still describes how I feel. So I’m just going to repost it today….