Strep & Strepability

WHY ARE WE STILL SICK?!? I have to complain about the illness that will not leave our house. Whenever I think we’re clear, it hits from another angle.

Steven, who hardly ever gets sick, got nailed with a step so fierce it took him from totally fine to unable to swallow and undeniable fatigue in 2 hours. Since I had strep recently, I decided to run him to the urgent care and, sure enough, a big, honkin’ positive came up.

Then Henry went downhill again. He had his nasty nose again and woke up a couple days ago having nose-bled all over the carpet. The entire bottom half of his face was crusted with it and removing it left him all red, raw & sore. I took him back to the doctor and, sure enough, he had strep, too.

Then add William to the mix. He had that duck-like cough and is really fussy. Took him to the doctor with Henry and his ears looked infected, so put him on antibiotic as well. And, because the doctor is awesome, she gave me a prescription as well so when I inevitably get strep, I don’t have to go back in.  I’m so sick of it all.

In happier news, William has finally got the hang of walking! I haven’t taken any video of it yet, but it’s so awesome to see.

You’re not going to believe what I’m doing now. Because I don’t have enough to do, I’m teaching myself to crochet. I’ve been wanting to learn for quite a while, but I finally took the time to ask my mom to show me the basics. I jumped right in with this pattern:

It took me 4 tries, but I finally finished the hat portion. I have to do the ears, but I’ll get it. I’m so happy to start a new hobby and actually MAKE things. It’s very cool.